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General election poll: Labour will hold on to Gedling

A new general election poll suggests that Labour will hold on to Gedling.

Gedling is 42nd on the Tories’ list of Labour-held English and Welsh target seats, and is one they need to win to help get them a majority.

A spokesman for The Economist magazine, who commissioned the poll, told Gedling Eye: “Labour has been in power for 22 years in Gedling and the Tories are hoping to win it back.

“As the Conservatives are expected to lose seats in Scotland and the southeast, the party must win Labour strongholds in the Midlands and the North if they are to take the majority. Pick any demographic metric and Gedling will appear roughly in the middle.”

If an election were called tomorrow, The Economist’s constituency polling shows the Tories have some work on their hands if they are to win. Polling of Gedling residents reveals:

Vernon Coaker general election
VICTORY: A new poll predicts Vernon Coaker will hold on to Gedling
  • Labour would win approximately 42% of the vote, compared to the Conservatives’ 37%
  • About half of leave voters would vote Conservative in the General Election
  • A quarter would back the Brexit Party candidate
  • Remain voters would break heavily for Labour
  • About four in ten Labour voters think Jeremy Corbyn would make the best prime minister; nearly all Conservative voters would back Boris Johnson

*Constituency-level polling has a margin of error about five percentage-points either side of these estimates

Survation, a member of the British Polling Council, conducted the constituency polling for The Economist. 409 people aged 18+ living in the Gedling constituency were polled via telephone on November 4th 2019.

Gedling is the first of five constituency polls that The Economist will commission over the next five weeks, each of them in a seat that will reveal how the election campaign will pan out.

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  1. What a lot of rubbiss, how does the Economist come up with it’s prediction when the majority of the Gedling constituency voted to leave and most people on social media who are Gedling constituents have said they will not be voting for Vernon Coaker

    1. I live in Gedling and will be voting Labour. If you’re so sure they’ll lose, you can get 11/10 against the Tories winning at the bookies.

  2. Tracie.
    If it;s not on social media, it must be true, yeah? Jeez!

    I’ll vote Vernon and havent revealed that on Facebook.

    Also, the vote is not just about Brexit. Aren’t you worried about police? Tories made the cuts in the first place. The NHS being flogged to the yanks?

    Look at the wider picture, yeah.

    My only concern is they are letting people in nevo vote Ha!!

  3. The election is not just about brexit. There’s cuts in funding to local government (borough & county)to think about (they’re the ones who provide services like refuse collection, leisure facilities, housing, lighting, youth services etc.), there’s the NHS, there’s the cuts to education budgets, cuts to police numbers, there’s been increases in hate crime, there’s also the question of the climate emergency. Ask yourself who do you trust most to deal with these issues and, who do you trust to represent you, keep you informed, help you? For me there’s only one possible answer, Labour and Vernon Coaker.

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