‘It’s important more than ever to remain positive and optimistic about the future’: Kay Cutts issues message of hope to residents in Gedling borough

 ‘It’s important more than ever to remain positive and optimistic about the future’: Kay Cutts issues message of hope to residents in Gedling borough

PICTURED: Cllr Kay Cutts

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Councillor Kay Cutts MBE, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has issued a message of hope to residents in Gedling borough as the third lockdown continues…

“Nottinghamshire County Council’s coat of arms bares the moto Sapienter Proficiens which means to progress with wisdom.  The wisest way to progress is to adopt all of those principles and rules that are in place to protect us all, and that most of us have been adopting for so many months already. It is that simple adherence to the rules that will give us the route out of this. 

“It’s important more than ever to remain positive and optimistic about the future. Regardless of what you read in the newspapers or on social media or hear on the television or the radio, we have the strategies in place that will ultimately help us to get COVID-19 under control and allow us the prospect of a return to our normal lives again. Despite the restrictions on our lives, this latest Lockdown will accelerate our sprint to the finish line.

“It’s important to recognise the good parts of our society throughout the pandemic. We enter 2021 as an independent and free trading nation which brings opportunities to innovate, create and inspire new industries . Indeed, the pandemic has helped many to refocus their careers and their way of life to improve things for themselves and their families.

PICTURED: Cllr Kay Cutts

“We’ve  shown the best of our communities with neighbours looking out for each other and with access to our community hub we’ve been there for people who needed us the most.  I wish to congratulate all the new parents who have welcomed new babies to the world. Those children will learn about this moment in history but will thankfully have no concept of the situation. Let’s be inspired by their journey to come and see a future through their eyes. 

“Inspiration should be drawn from the good news of the last few weeks of the vaccination programme that has gathered incredible pace from a standing start.  The British were the first to approve the Pfizer vaccine, and the new Oxford AZ vaccine is homegrown. Both will protect millions in the next few months. We’re developing new testing strategies that will help us to better identify where the risks are in our communities and help to stop the virus from spreading further.  Ingenious systems that we have developed from scratch that help to save lives.

“Here in Nottinghamshire we have the experts in Public Health who are working tirelessly every day to identify outbreaks and to act quickly to keep them under control.  There’s a lot of work happening to fight COVID-19 from spreading out of control.  Most of that work takes place behind the scenes. It’s our role  now to protect the most vulnerable in our communities and provide support and guidance for our businesses to help them though these difficult few months ahead.

“Hopefulness has been found in the simplest of things. We’ve started to appreciate nature. With the stunning Perfect Planet series on BBC 1 we can see how our planet has adapted through time to provide all the necessary ingredients for survival and to thrive. Many of us have found sanctity and joy from our gardens, our open spaces and from our immediate environment. As we look forward to Spring, the season that brings new hope can help us to appreciate the abundances of colour our natural landscapes provide each year.  There are few better spectacles than a carpet of bluebells on the forest floor being lit by the sun from above.  Our children can gain so much from the natural world so they should be immersed in it to learn even more.   The brief and joyous foray our children had with snow last week is yet another example of the pleasure we take from the one subject that used to dominate all our conversations.  The weather! It’s a subject matter I truly believe will once again take its rightful place as the number one talking point in British society!”


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