Is Gedling borough’s pothole problem being ignored? Residents have their say

 Is Gedling borough’s pothole problem being ignored? Residents have their say
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On Wednesday, Gedling Eye reader Paul Farrell contacted us to claim the prize for most potholed road in Gedling borough on behalf of a junction near his home in Carlton.

He said the junction of Mays Avenue with Mays Close was so bad that “even the pothole repairs have repairs”.

But many readers disagreed that this was the worst affected highway. Many of you have since contacted us via email and Facebook to highlight other areas plagued by potholes.

Elizabeth Whyler emailed us about a side street off Burton Close near her home in Carlton.

“The rain pores and fills the potholes with nowhere for it to run out and drain,” she said.

PICTURED: The road off Burton Close in Carlton (IMAGE: Elizabeth Whyler)

“Some potholes are over one-inch deep and its like the road has developed concrete pox as every three to five steps you take you’re in a pothole.

“I would love to have a tarmac road with a drainage system as our cars are constantly being damaged because of it. “

Arnold resident Ann-Marie Campion fears the holes some of the roads in the town could damage her vehicle.

She said: “Surgeys Lane and Cross Street are terrible. I  imagine my coil springs will not last long!”

Andrew Crane posted on Facebook after seeing our original article.

He wrote: “I’ve just had a wheel and tyre damaged by a big pothole on Shelford Road in Gedling. I tried to claim for the damage but the council sent me a letter saying they are not liable.”

Westdale Lane was a cause for concern.

(PICTURE: Philip Parr)

Readers Leanne Austin and Shirley Duthrie both called out the road for it’s worsening pothole problem.

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Leanne wrote: “You should try driving up Westdale Lane (particularly from the speed camera up to the South View Rd junction) in a car with hard suspension!”

Shirley wrote: “I’ve had the springs replaced on my car for the last two years due to potholes near my road on Baslow Avenue. It’s disgusting.” 

Andrea Thornton called Coronation Walk ‘an absolute joke’.

She said: “They filled some of them a few weeks ago and within a day they’re already breaking down. Get them done properly and on both sides of the road!”

Debbie Odams described Parkdale Road in Carlton ‘horrendous’.

She wrote on Facebook: ” I’m alway reporting potholes – about 50 at a time. A couple of years ago I reported the and it was that bad they resurfaced sections of the roads in about five different places. I reported them again last year when I counted about 20 potholes but still they didn’t do a full check and ended coming out a further two times.

She added” “My son has already hit one of the holes and got a puncture.”

Paul Dobbs emailed to ask for sympathy on behalf of Netherfield residents.

He wrote: “Just look at the back streets in Netherfield. There’s more holes on some of them than the moon’s surface. It’s a joke. They never get repaired. I bet Arnold is done straight away when there is the slightest sign of a pothole problem. It’s where all the money goes.”

Gedling Eye has contacted Nottinghamshire County Council for comment.



  • I’ve tried to claim as hit one on shelford road Gedling. Causing damage to my car. But the council told me there not liable in an email. Disgraceful

  • Any monies allocated are sidelined onto other things. I dont believe for a minute they spend half of what they get on road repairs. Lets face it, im notthe only one im sure whose watched them throw a shovel fill or tarmac in a hole, whack it with the back of the shove and drive off. If thats a repair I would sack you. My road has had potholes filled several times. I have manhole covers higher than the road surface and last time I checked water will not run uphill so we are splashed by passing cars driving through great puddles.. We dont drive paying attention to pedestrians or schoolkids at roadside or cars ahead of us…..we look ahead down at the road for oncoming potholes to avoid and swerve around because human nature and our cars are expensive to repair. Tell me you dont! So GBC pull your finger out, spend the money on quality repairs that will last and start resurfacing the roads as I cannot for the life of me remember passing a stretch of road under resurfacing works for as long as I care to remember.

    • Hi Percy. We have to make it clear that GBC aren’t responsible for the roads, Notts County Council are

      • All I get from NCC is an automated email bragging about how they have allocated over 20 million on roads. Why dont you get out the office, drive up Church Street in Carlton after its rained, look at EVERY blocked roadside drain, wince at the rock hard leaves that you never swept up, look at the drains that are higher than the road surface, dont step in the puddles, look at the repairs on the repairs on the repairs and tell me it does not qualify for resurfacing. My rates are well past £2000 pa and I get crap service. Road cleaning thats hit and miss. Only half done. Missing Martins Hill completely. No pavement sweeping. No man picking up the bits in the hedge bottons, behind electrical boxes. Drains not being cleaned out as he only calls when its buried in cars (good excuse for an extended nap on stoke lane eh?). Turnarounds left as its too much trouble to get out the cab and sweep it out so as the machine can get to it and here is the best…your vindictive sweeper drivers who deliberately open up the roadsweeper filter vents on warm sunny days taking great delight in their illegal acts of covering every ones cars and window cills with dust and debris. Yeah get out the office and cone and see Church Street. Then you can represent your electorate and push NCC to spend a few bob on sorting this debacle you should be shamed to call a road

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