Inspector Chris Pearson’s latest update on policing activities across Gedling borough

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Inspector Chris Pearson leads the Gedling Neighbourhood Policing team which helps crack crime across the borough.

Here’s his latest update on progress his team made over recent weeks…

Policing priorities

As ever much of our work in the last month has had a link to our policing priorities of
Burglary, Drug Supply and Anti-Social Behaviour. The current priorities will remain in
place until the end of September.

Drug supply

Over the last month our focus on drug supply has continued.

On 29th July we carried out a large policing operation which we had been planning for several weeks. Over 50 officers were involved in the operation which saw us carry out warrants at five locations across the force area. Three of the addresses were in Arnold and we searched properties on Edison Way, Bond Street and Thrapston Avenue. We arrested
three males as a result of our activity and seized suspected Class A drugs, cash,
mobile phones and a weapon in the form of a lock knife.

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This operation was designed to tackle the issue of ‘County Lines’ where young people are
often exploited and become couriers involved in the supply of controlled drugs.
Sometimes this involves travelling across various counties to deliver controlled drugs. County Lines is a really important issue and in Nottinghamshire we have a team of
officers dedicated to stamping out this type of offending behaviour. We also work
closely with our partners to safeguard young people and those who might be vulnerable
to county lines activity. Our local PCSO’s and the Neighbourhood Wardens recently
visited businesses across the Gedling Borough to raise awareness of the issue as part
of a national week of action.

The ‘Crimestoppers’ charity have also put together a number of useful leaflets which
provide more detail about the potential indicators of exploitation in young people which

  • Do they suddenly have lots of money/lots of new clothes/new mobile phones?
  • Are they receiving more calls or texts than usual?
  • Are they travelling alone to places far away from home?
  • Are they carrying or selling drugs?
  • Are they carrying weapons?
  • Are they in a relationship with or hanging out with someone/people that are older and controlling?
  • Do they have unexplained injuries?
  • Do they seem very reserved or seem like they have something to hide?
  • Are they going missing from school or their home?

If you have any concerns about a young person then please let us know. Alternatively you can report this anonymously on the crime stoppers website at Thankfully this issue in rare in our communities but raising awareness is key to keeping young people safe.


Residential burglary continues to be a policing priority for us at Gedling and the county Burglary team continue to investigate offences committed in the area.

Positively recorded burglary this year continues to show reductions when compared to last year and 2019 however there is still much to do. In the last month we have made a number of significant arrests following offences.

On 23rd July a vehicle was stolen with keys from Besecar Avenue in Gedling. A few days later colleagues from the Operation Reacher team spotted the vehicle in the City which failed to stop for officers. An 18-year-old male was arrested and this offence remains under investigation.

Meanwhile on 24th July a burglary was reported on Newcombe Drive, Arnold. Officers later stopped a vehicle involved in the offence on the M1 motorway and a number of arrests were made. The occupants of the vehicle are also suspected of being involved in a number of other burglaries.

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I hope that this activity sends out a clear message that burglary offences will not be tolerated in Gedling borough. We are doing everything we can to reduce offences and to keep the area safe.

The Gedling Neighbourhood team and the Operation Reacher team are carrying out regular patrols to combat burglary offences and our Operational Support team often support us in this work overnight.

Stolen car bulwell
PICTURED: The car which rolled into a garden as police followed it after suspecting it of being stolen from Gedling (PHOTO: Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Police)

Anti-social behaviour

ASB continues to be an area of focus for us at Gedling and we are working closely with the council to address this issue.

ASB has decreased this year by around 35% following the easing of the COVID19 restrictions and in the last two weeks a further 6% reduction has been recorded compared to early July which is positive considering that we are now into the school holidays.

We are meeting regularly with colleagues from the council in order to identify hotspot locations and to ensure a joint approach to tackling anti-social behaviour in the community.

Recently I’ve had lots of feedback regarding the anti-social use of our roads with particular concerns about off-road bikes. On 23rd July the team at Carlton came across a bike being ridden illegally around Nottingham Road, Burton Joyce. It was seized and is now likely to be destroyed.


We continue to receive complaints about speeding vehicles across the Gedling Borough and we are supporting a national campaign around this issue.

On 4th August the Arnold neighbourhood team visited Breck Hill Road following concerns raised by local residents. In a two-hour period eight drivers were dealt with for exceeding the speed limit and have been issued with Traffic offence reports.

We have received feedback regarding other areas of concern and we will be carrying out more enforcement in the coming weeks.

Rogue Traders

In the last month we have received some concerning reports of trader’s cold calling at the doors of elderly members of the community before offering to clean driveways or carry out unnecessary roof repairs.

The victims have then been charged inflated prices for the work to be done before being told that the price would increase. On some occasions the traders have returned the following day to collect more money from the victims.

The offenders have targeted some of our villages such as Newstead and the Operation Reacher team have assisted with patrols which recently resulted in an arrest following a similar report whereby the victim was charged £680 for her driveway to be cleaned.

As always I’d encourage the reporting of any suspicious incidents so that we can investigate and liaise with Gedling Borough Council and Trading Standards officers. Likewise please contact us if you have any concerns about members of the community who may have been targeted by traders as we will always follow up on any concerns.

I wanted to share this crime prevention advice and details of schemes which are designed to identify legitimate traders.

Tops tips for employing a trader

  • Remember, a genuine trader is highly unlikely to knock on your door asking for work.
  • Stay in control of the situation by approaching traders yourself when you know work is needed.
  • Where possible, choose a trader who has been recommended by local family or friends.
  • Never hire a trader who comes to the door looking for work.
  • Use approval schemes, such as Which? Trusted Traders, Buy with Confidence or the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme to find approved traders in your area.
  • Get quotes from at least three traders to compare prices.
  • Ask for the quote in writing to ensure that the price doesn’t go up afterwards.
  • Don’t pay until the job is finished.


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