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IN PICTURES: Son of Polish World War II pilot travels across world for Calverton memorial service


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The son a Polish Airman killed in World War II plane crash travelled from his home in Australia this week to pay tribute to his father at a memorial service held in Calverton.

Professor Janusz Gebicki attended the service to remember his father, Jan Gebicki, and two other men who died in the crash 75 years ago on October 13, 1940.

Their aircraft was attempting to return home from a successful bombing mission in France, when a dense fog descended over the Nottinghamshire countryside.

Due to the weather conditions, Gebecki, who was at the controls of the aircraft, remained in the air until the fuel was nearly all gone. He was finally forced into making a crash landing in the dark and misty conditions.

The squadron’s bomber crashed at the Watchwood plantation on landing, bursting into flames and killing the crew of three.

The service was held on Tuesday (13) , at Watchwood Plantation.

Pictured (above) from left are: Anna Andersz-Jaworska, Marcin Kostaszuk, Mariusz Wisniewski and Council Leader, Cllr John Clarke.

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