Huge crowds greet Coca-Cola truck in Netherfield

 Huge crowds greet Coca-Cola truck in Netherfield
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Hundreds of excited people from across the borough turned out to greet the Coca-Cola truck in Netherfield today as it stopped off in town as part of its now traditional Christmas tour.

The instantly recognisable red truck visited Victoria Retail Park this afternoon and local people were invited to grab a selfie as well as receive a free sample of the popular fizzy refreshment during the visit between 11am-7pm.

QUEUE: The crowds waited their turn for free Coca-Cola and a chance for a selfie by the truck
PICTURED: Steven and Lyndsey Peel are pictured by the iconic truck (Picture: Lyndsey Peel)

It’s the first visit of the festive truck – with Father Christmas holding two bottles of Coca Cola emblazoned on the side – to the borough.

The truck is now on its seventh tour of the UK.

The popular advert featuring the iconic vehicle first hit UK screens back in 1995 and its screening marks the start of Christmas for many people.

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