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HSBC to shut Netherfield branch

by Gedling Eye

A bank in Netherfield is to close, leaving customers with a 10-mile round trip to their nearest branch.

HSBC has this week announced that it will be closing its branch on Victoria Road on November 27.

Customers will now have to travel to Arnold to visit the bank’s nearest branch.

A spokesman for HSBC said some services will be relocated to Netherfield Post Office, where customers can check their balance and withdraw and pay in cash and cheques.

Customers took to Gedling Eye’s Facebook page page to voice their concern at closure plans.

Debbie Wilson wrote: “This is so sad. I use this bank. It’s convenient. Yes, I use online banking but you can’t pay a cheque online.”

Helen Walker posted on Facebook: “Sad to hear this. At the age of nine I stood next to my mum at the old wooden cashier desk and watched her pay their last mortgage payment. Another piece of history leaving Gedling Borough.”

A spokesperson for HSBC added: “We never take the decision to close a branch lightly, and we understand it’s unsettling for the local community. Unfortunately, use of the Netherfield branch has fallen significantly over the past few years, and we’ve taken the difficult decision to close it on 27 November.

“We are working with customers who use the branch to help them understand their options. There are also a large number of fee-free cash machines in the local area.”

He also confirmed they would be working with branch staff at Netherfield to find employment for them at another HSBC branch in the area.

Sad to see HSBC leave Netherfield? Does it matter now we have online banking?

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Anne Widdowson Sep 4, 2015 - 10:57 am

I am desgusted by this. I use the bank a lot to pay in checkes for my business that I get. Go to Arnold. Its too far to walk for me. I will have to stop taking checks. I know you can use the po but its not the same as you wont get the advice you need when working in a local busness that you need from your bank., the local community is dying. can our mp stop this from happening?

Tash Holden Sep 4, 2015 - 2:18 pm

Sorry for the staff but not bothered. Everyone uses online banking these days and can’t even remeber the last time I wrote or received a cheque. I just hope Nevo gets something decent in its place like a Nandos rather than just being ANOTHER empty shop on Victoria Road.


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