HMRC coronavirus refund scam warning to people in Gedling borough

 HMRC coronavirus refund scam warning to people in Gedling borough
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People in Gedling borough are being warned of a HMRC scam appearing to offer financial help following the coronavirus pandemic.

Scam-busters Action Fraud have revealed that fraudsters are posing as HMRC and telling people how they can offer them money.

Scammers are contacting people in the borough via email to inform them that they are due a tax refund – sometimes worth hundreds of pounds.

Action Fraud has now released a warning, explaining exactly how the scam works.

Victims are being sent an email, which claims to be from HMRC.

The email claims that as a precaution against Covid-19, the government has established a new tax refund programme for dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. 

Fraudsters could be after your bank details – be alert!

They tell people that they are due the tax refund, but require proof of address and identification to claim it.

The scammers then have access to people’s bank accounts and private details, meaning they could have money stolen.

Action Fraud added that HMRC will never text, email or phone people for bank details, PINs or passwords.

A spokesman said: “You must avoid clicking on links in suspicious looking emails, and never reply to messages asking you for bank details of personal information.

“You also shouldn’t respond to anyone asking you to send a picture to prove your identity. 

“If you receive messages like this, it is a scam and you should not respond. Instead, delete the email and block the contact.”


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