HMOs in Netherfield and car wash plan for Carlton turned down by Gedling Borough Council planning committee

 HMOs in Netherfield and car wash plan for Carlton turned down by Gedling Borough Council planning committee

A number of controversial planning applications were rejected yesterday at a meeting of the Gedling Borough Council planning committee.

Plans for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in Netherfield and a car wash in Carlton which had been submitted for approval were turned down during the meeting held virtually which can be watched online:

A plan had been submitted to construct a car wash on derelict land on Burton Road in Carlton next to the Inn For a Penny pub but this was rejected during the call.

Councillor Peter Barnes told the committee:”It’s not the right place for it. It’s not the right place for this kind of business and I can’t support this.”

Councillor Barbara Miller said: “An awful lot of people use the recreational ground and this isn’t ideal; they should plant some trees and support climate change.”

14 councillors rejected the amendment to a previous planning application and one supported it.

Two planning applications to create HMOs in Netherfield were also rejected.

Parking was a major concern raised by residents and councillors on the call.

Plans had been submitted to create an HMO on Meadow Road in Netherfield and also on Ashwell Street.

A statement was read our by local resident Clare Selwood.

She wrote “Netherfield doesn’t have a great external reputation but there is a great sense of community.”

She said that the fact that the planning officer was recommending is rthat that residents use a nearby public car park if space was ‘hilarious’

Both applications were quickly turned down by councillors.

The HMOs could still still go ahead but on a smaller scale than the developers wanted.


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  • We totally agree with the vote regarding the car was in Burton Road, Gedling and the vote against the Netherfield plan, we are trying to get a community spirit around Netherfield etc, and make the area more family orientated. Thank you.

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