New local history board unveiled at Haywood Road Green in Mapperley

 New local history board unveiled at Haywood Road Green in Mapperley

PICTURED: The new board in Haywood Road Green

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Volunteers in Mapperley have helped create a new information board for their local park to celebrate the area’s history.

The Friends of The Haywood Road Green members Rachael Long, Paul Drury and local historian Bob Massey carried out the research and have provided the information contained on the new board, which has been funded by Gedling Borough Council.

Events covered by the historians include The Battle of Mapperley Hills, the expansion of Porchester Gardens, industrial growth in the area and also the more recent fight to save the Haywood Road Green from developers.

One of the archive pictures included on the new board shows this street in Porchester

The story of how ‘Mapperley’ got its name is also documented and can be read below.

The history information board has been completed in time for the official opening of Haywood Road Green on Saturday (Sept 14) between 12-5pm.

Visitors to the event will be able to see the new information board, new children’s play area, play table tennis and enjoy a community picnic.

Stalls and refreshments will also be on offer.

More information can be found at the group’s Facebook page:

How Mapperley gets its name…

The land that became the present day Mapperley was part of Sherwood forest, being mainly elevated scrubland. Sections of this land came into the possession of various landowners as part of their holdings in the area.

One who inherited a chunk of these lands in the early 1300s was William Holt. He was born in the village of Mapperley in Derbyshire, the son of Thomas Holt Senior, a successful lawyer with extensive estates in the Derbyshire area.

Thomas Junior inherited a large amount of land in Nottingham, which included those which he named ‘Mapperley Closes’ after his home village (a ‘close’ is an area of uncultivated scrub or grazing land). William moved from Derbyshire to his lands in Nottingham and embraced life in this new town, changing his name from Holt to de Mapperley to reflect the place where he was born and brought up.

The area then became known as Mapperley Plains or the Plains (another name for a Ridge). So Mapperley in Nottingham is named after the village of Mapperley in Derbyshire and its original land owner.


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