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Army recruits wanted to help win war on Himalayan Balsam planning to invade Ouse Dyke in Netherfield

Two sessions have now been arranged to again tackle the invasive plant.

War is again being declared on Himalayan Balsam by a Gedling nature group and volunteer troops are needed to help ensure wildlife continues to flourish at Ouse Dyke in Netherfield.

The battle is slowly being won after a big effort last year by Gedling Conservation Trust and an army of volunteers, who tackled the invasive plant at the source in Mapperley.

Two sessions have now been arranged to again tackle the invasive plant.

On Saturday, May 18, people are being invited to turn up at Teal Close at 2.30pm to begin removing plants from Ouse Dyke. If you need waders, please contact the organisers to arrange shoe size.

On Friday, May 24 people can pop along to Mapperley Golf Course on Plains Road and should meet at the car park. Volunteers will be asked to help pull up the plants at the main source of the seed.

Introduced to the UK in 1839, Himalayan balsam is now found on riverbanks and waterways where it has become a problem weed.

The plant tolerates low light levels and also shades out other vegetation, so kills off other plants. Each plant can produce up to 800 seeds. These are spread widely as the ripe seedpods shoot their seeds up to 7m (22ft) away.

Mark Glover is organising the Balsam bash and said great progress is being made.

He said: “Right now, the plants are small and easily pulled up. There is noticeably less evidence of them on the stretch of the dyke we spent most time on last year and this work paid huge dividends with the more natural inhabitants given a chance to thrive.

As per last year we intend to address the problem at the source (Mapperley Golf Course) and on the same stretch as last year – working up and down stream from there as time and number of volunteers permit.

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He added: Together, we are really making a difference at the dyke and the wildlife is getting a chance to flourish.

For further details about the event contact Mark Glover on 07850 768337.

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  1. I haven’t been this year but, for the last few years, there has been a lot of it on the path leading to the farmers fields at the Burton Joyce end of Stoke Lane. Just before the bride.

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