Health chief urges people in Gedling borough to ‘do their bit’ and avoid Tier 3 after lockdown

 Health chief urges people in Gedling borough to ‘do their bit’ and avoid Tier 3 after lockdown

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Gedling borough has just braved its first weekend in lockdown – and with three weeks to go, the end can’t come soon enough.

But once we emerge from this, what restrictions will be in place?

If you remember – and we’ve had a LOT to remember recently – Gedling borough had been placed into Tier 3 restrictions just a week prior to lockdown.

These restrictions meant that pubs could only serve alcohol with substantial meals, people were being urged to work from home if they could and meeting anyone outside your household or support bubble was banned.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinted last week that the Tier system would remain in place at the end of lockdown – so does that mean Gedling borough will be placed back in Tier 3?

It seems a little unfair after all our efforts in lockdown.

PICTURED: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Gedling Eye asked the question on a call with Public Health Chiefs Jonathan Gribbin and Alison Challenger.

Mr Gribbin, who is Public Health director for Nottingham said: “I would ask the people in Gedling to follow and stick to the lockdown rules.

“We want to work towards having no additional restrictions, and that is only going to come by following lockdown rules”.

Alison Challenger, Public Health director for Nottingham City, said “We don’t know yet.”

“We’ve heard the tier system will be brought back and there will be some form of local management.

“Discussions are taking place on the escalation or de-escalation of areas, but it really all depends on lockdown.

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She added: “Any changes are all speculation right now and our focus should be on sticking to the measures.”


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