‘Harmful impact’: Plea made to Gedling Borough Council over plans to demolish ‘historic building’ for new shops

Residents have also aired their feelings over the plans, saying they will “chip away” the history of the area, which has close links to the knitting industry.

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Historic England have raised serious concerns over the demolition of a building to make way for new shops in Calverton.

Residents have also aired their feelings over the plans, saying they will “chip away” the history of the area, which has close links to the knitting industry.

CONCERNS: Residents in Calverton fear the demolition will chip away the history of the area
Civic Centre Arnot Park
NEEDED: Gedling Borough Council say regeneration is required in the area

Developers are proposing to demolish a building in Main Street and build three retail units and eight apartments above the shops.

Historic England, the national body protecting structures of historic significance, says the demolition of 34 Main Street would result in the loss of an “historic building” which contributes to the landscape.

It believes the development will “erode the character of this part of the conservation area” and the setting of the Grade II listed St Wilfrid’s Church close by.

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Calverton Parish Council is also against the demolition of the building, saying the area has historic interest being part of “a long-gone village community of stocking frame knitters”.

Gedling Borough Council’s conservation officer says while the development is just outside the conservation area it lies adjacent to it.

The officer says the development will have “a harmful impact” upon the setting of the listed church.

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However, other officers at the council believe regeneration is needed in the area and that the site, which has remained empty for several years, attracts anti-social behaviour.

The empty homes officer at the council said: “The property at 34 Main Street has been empty for a good number of years.

“Over the years it has been a major concern for residents in the area due to the anti-social behaviour that the property has been attracting.

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“The owner has secured the main building but despite this the local children have continued to break into the grounds and occupy the outbuilding.

“This behaviour has put a strain on the council in that they have had to carry out extra patrols in the area. The local neighbourhood beat team for Nottinghamshire Police have also been called to the property a number of times to deal with the anti-social behaviour.

“The property continues to be a burden to the residents of Calverton and would be best brought back into use as soon as practicably possible”.

The application by a Miss Shread has been recommended for approval by council officers subject to conditions.

Planning officers at the council said: “It should also be noted that by virtue of the site being identified as an expansion to the local centre it is inevitable that additional built form would be introduced to the site in closer proximity to the conservation area and the setting of the listed church.

“In this case it is considered that the public benefits outweigh the less than substantial harm to the setting of the heritage assets.”

Councillors will meet at a planning committee on Wednesday, July 27, to decide the fate of the application.

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  1. Maybe there should be some serious discussion with the residents of Calverton about this. Parking in the village is already a nightmare. I am disabled and unable to get out of the car unless I can fully open the car door. there are only 5 disabled parking spaces in the village, which is disgraceful. When the eyesore that is the new houses on Park Road are occupied, things are going to be so much worse. GBC’s answer to parking at the moment is to send out traffic wardens to ticket cars parked in the only spaces available near the shops. So, no parking, no shopping – so why build more shops? Why haven’t the builders of the new estate been made to provide more amenities to support the infrastructure of this village? You need to live in this village to know how much it has changed over the years – and not always for the best! This site would have been perfect for the surgery to expand on. They are going to be totally overloaded with new patients before much longer. Refusing access from Main Street was petty. That area would have served the village much better than more shops, or housing! Many people have commented that an Aldi should be built on the site, but they obviously don’t realise how big an area that would need. If the site is to be cleared, please consider something useful such as a new car park, or a pleasant communal area for villagers to sit or meet up with friends – we have nowhere like that at the moment.


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