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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Graffiti sprayed on Conservative club in Arnold


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A graffiti attack on a Conservative club in Arnold earlier this week has been called ‘unacceptable’ by a Labour councillor.

The phrases ‘Stop the Coup’ and ‘Undemocratic’ appeared on the front of the Balfour Conservative Club in Arnold during the early hours of August 29.

The graffiti has since been removed.

Labour councillor and deputy leader of Gedling Borough Council, Michael Payne, slammed the attack.

He said: “I was made aware of graffiti sprayed on the Balfour Conservative Club in Arnold. Graffiti and vandalism of any sort is utterly unacceptable. A desire to strongly express views about an issue is never an excuse for vandalism of someone else’s property. “

It is believed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent decision to suspend Parliament could have inspired the vandalism.

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