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General Election 2019: Tom Randall named as MP for Gedling after securing victory with 22,718 votes

Conservative candidate Tom Randall has won the seat in Gedling after securing victory with 22,718 votes.

Mr Randall fought off competition from Labour candidate Vernon Coaker.

Mr Coaker has been MP for Gedling for 22 years and was first elected back in 1997.

Labour did win the Nottingham East seat, with Nadia Whittome securing 25,735 votes.

Results from all constituencies in Gedling borough are as follows:


Tom Randall, Conservative – 22,718 votesELECTED

Vernon Coaker, Labour – 22,039 votes

Anita Prabhakar, Liberal Democrat – 2,279 votes

Graham Hunt, Brexit Party – 1,820 votes

Jim Norris, The Green Party – 1,097 votes

PICTURED: Labour’s Vernon Coaker admits defeat and loses Gedling seat after 22 years (PICTURE: Michael Payne/Twitter)

Nottingham East

Nadia Whittome, Labour – 25,735 votesELECTED

Victoria Stapleton, Conservative – 8,342 votes

Robert Swift, Liberal Democrat – 1,954 votes

Chris Leslie, The Independent Group for Change – 1,447 votes

Damian Smith, Brexit Party – 1,343 votes

Michelle Vacciana, Green Party – 1,183 votes


Mark Spencer, Conservative – 32,049 votes – reelected

Jerry Hague, Labour – 15,863 votes

Tim Ball, Liberal Democrats – 2,883 votes

Ester Cropper, Green – 1,214 votes

Simon Rood, Independent – 700 votes

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  1. Surprised, but pleased. Now the Tories have to get Brexit done.

    The opposition must reflect on their anti-democratic performance over the past couple of years. They could have backed democracy and helped get a deal with the EU. They chose not to – and have paid the penalty.

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