Gedling’s local policing teams on a mission to thwart crime

 Gedling’s local policing teams on a mission to thwart crime

PICTURED: Local policing teams on patrol in the borough (IMAGE: Notts Police)

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Gedling’s local policing teams have started the New Year with a show of force in a bid to help local communities feel safer.

The teams have been more visible in recent weeks as they increase efforts to address issues of community concern about crime.

On Monday (January 13), a dedicated team of special constables led a pro-active operation across the borough, which seen them patrol for a combined total of 55 hours. The team focused their efforts on known ‘hotspot’ areas in a bid to drive down anti-social behaviour, burglary-related offences and other forms of criminal activity.

During their patrols, the team visited some of the areas more built up areas including Arnold, Carlton, Mapperley, Netherfield, Colwick and Daybrook, but also paid attention to some of the borough’s rural communities too including Ravenshead, Calverton, Woodborough, Newstead and Burton Joyce.

The team stopped dozens of motorists for traffic related offences, located a missing person from the Mansfield area, and attended more than seven emergency calls for help during their patrols.

Police stepped up patrols in Gedling borough recently

Special Sergeant Ashley Wagstaffe, who is responsible for the team of pro-active volunteer officers across the borough, said: “We continue to focus efforts on areas of community concern; we want our communities to feel safe and we’re keen on working with them to help improve the Gedling Borough.

“Gedling borough, as a whole, is a very safe place to live, work and visit, but we’re committed to tackling criminal activity – in all of its forms – to make it an even safer place for all of our residents, businesses and visitors.

No changes to NCT Gedling borough bus services during lockdown

“If you have an ongoing issue in your neighbourhood, we want to hear about it. You can contact us via the Gedling Social Media pages, or by emailing the local beat team via the force website.”

The team, who routinely work alongside the Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, Chris Pearson, and his team, also gave words of advice to several motorists who were caught exceeding the speed limit in the Ravenshead area.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “Pro-active patrols across the borough are nothing new, but over the coming months, thanks to an increased commitment from members of the Special Constabulary and Neighbourhood Policing Team, coupled with the arrival of new recruits, you can expect to see an increase in the number of officers on our borough’s streets.”


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