Gedling’s MP backs Boris Johnson in no confidence vote

Mr Randall took to social media to reveal his reasons for backing the under pressure PM.

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Gedling MP Tom Randall today revealed he backed beleaguered Prime Minister Boris Johnson in last night’s no confidence vote.

Monday night’s vote in the prime minister saw 148 Tory MPs reject him, while 211 backed Mr Johnson.

Mr Randall took to social media to reveal his reasons for backing the under pressure PM.

He wrote: “The behaviour described in Sue Gray’s report is disturbing. It would have been unacceptable at any time, but particularly when restrictions were imposed. It was, at best, tone-deaf to the spirit of the times. When Sue Gray published her update to her inquiry in January 2022, I said that I could not defend or justify the behaviour that has been described. I say that again.

“Many of you have written to me to share your thoughts on what has gone on. Some are simply unhappy or shocked, others take the view that the Prime Minister ought to resign. Given that the Prime Minister has overall responsibility for the culture and what takes place in Downing Street, I entirely see why you might form that view.

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“Others have written to me to say that they strongly support the Prime Minister’s and the Government’s wider legislative agenda and that the Prime Minister should get on with pursuing it. There is, I think, a third strand of opinion, and one that I often detect when speaking to people in the street, that there are serious misgivings about what has occurred, but that it does not fundamentally change their overall view of the Government.

“My own view, for what it’s worth, is that the conclusions of the Sue Gray report are serious. They represent a failure of leadership that sullies the reputation of a government that I am otherwise proud to support.”

Randall then went on to reveal which way he voted.

“Last night, I was asked to vote on whether I had confidence in Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party,” he said.

“I didn’t seek such a vote but my colleagues have a right to ask for one and it tests the mood of the parliamentary party.

“I did not approach last night’s vote lightly. I considered the achievements of the Prime Minister (which on increased health and education spending, on extra police officers and on vaccines have been very positive for Gedling) against the very legitimate criticisms that have been made of him. On balance, I voted that I have confidence.

Boris Johnson
PICTURED: Prime Minsiter Boris Johnson

“In her report, Sue Gray said that she is pleased that progress is being made in introducing changes to the organisation and management of Downing Street and the Cabinet Office to create clearer lines of leadership and accountability. She said that these changes now need the chance and time to bed in. It is important that this happens and it is right that there is scrutiny to ensure that where mistakes have been made that they are corrected and not repeated in future.

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He added: “There will be strongly-held principled views on recent events (and whether my vote was or was not the right one) but there are also serious practical issues that the government needs to tackle: bringing inflation down, helping ordinary Gedling residents with the cost of living, improving our public services, including the NHS’s recovery from Covid, and stopping Cross-Channel migration. I believe that the Prime Minister does have the drive and determination to meet these challenges as we recover from the pandemic and it is important that the Government continues to step up and work hard on these issues.”

“Serving as the Member of Parliament for Gedling is an immense privilege. Trying to reflect the varied views of my hometown in a single vote is difficult. But I hope that the foregoing has helped to explain my thinking last night.”


  1. After his comments on the Sue Gray report he still votes to keep that appalling man as PM. At a time of crisis this country needs someone with integrity and a grip on the team around him. Boris Johns has proven time after time that he lacks any of the attributes needed to run the country.

    • Integrity, honesty, organisation are the least among the qualities the people deserve of a prime minister. All of these qualities are lacking in this man. Mr Randall seems to think these qualities are not necessary in a prime minister.
      The country deserves a government that can at least –
      This appalling man can do none of these things.

  2. In the view of this non-party aligned constituent, the most disturbing thing to come out of the confidence vote on the Prime Minister is the fact that 211 Conservative MPs have confidence in a man whose relationship to truth and reality is at best tangential. I used to think that the Conservative Party traditionally stood for standards, integrity and honesty in public life, but it appears that in a majority of cases I am wrong.

  3. He’s not even on the gov payroll, is he? What possible motivation could there be for supporting this law-breaking bunch who have imperilled the Union, lied to The Queen, made billions from corruption, have crashed the pound and economy and all that before the trade war they have now declared on the EU.


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