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Residents in Stoke Bardolph have vented their frustrations at large numbers of visitors ‘ruining the village’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

They say visitors to the nearby riverside are parking up in the village and blocking driveways and using verges, tearing up the grass. They are also leaving rubbish and trespassing on private land.

People in the village blame the surge in visitors on the latest restrictions introduced to help reduce the impact of coronavirus, with people heading out to the countryside for walks instead of visiting shops or restaurants.

Tony Palmer has lived in the Stoke Bardolph for two years and said it is now too overcrowded at weekends.

He told Gedling Eye: “All these visitors to Stoke Bardolph are ruining the village.

They are parking outside resident drives and blocking people in. They are parking on grass verges and churning up all the grass.

“I’ve seen dog walkers sometimes not picking up the mess and also seen people dropping rubbish. It is so overcrowded at the weekend it’s ridiculous.

“I had an argument with a person as he parked on my private land to go walking on farmland – which is also illegal.

“Since all these new houses have been built and lockdown it has become terrible for residents.

“There are that many cars here that air pollution is now a problem. I watch some people running engines while sitting looking at the river.

PICTURED The River Trent near Stoke Bardolph is a popular destination for visitors (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

Mr Palmer is now calling for action.

“Something needs to be done,’ he said.

One resident who didn’t wish to be named said she tried to avoid being in the village at the weekend due to the amount of people.

“I try and go elsewhere. It’s crazy here since the lockdowns started and the other restrictions were introduced. It was never this bad before.

“I am glad people enjoy coming here but they don’t respect it; they just throw rubbish on the street and leave mess everywhere.

“I wish they could be charged for parking so that money could be used to improve facilities and better accommodate so many people.”

Gedling Eye contacted Trent Valley councillors Sam Smith and Michael Adams for a response.

They are now calling on visitors to respect the village.

In a joint statement they said: “Lockdowns, by their very nature, create an increase in demand on our public spaces and understandably visitors are being attracted to our beautiful scenery in Stoke Bardolph for their exercise.

“Although our stunning riverside is available for all to enjoy, it is important to remember that a community also lives here. With that in mind, we urge visitors to take any rubbish home with them, pick up after their dogs, switch off engines whilst stationary, drive within the conditions/limits and ask them to respect our residents property when parking. 

“We are constantly monitoring Stoke Bardolph and working to keep it clean and tidy. Since the summer lockdown, we have had three new litter and dog waste bins installed beside the river along Stoke Lane, ensured all bins are emptied regularly by Gedling Borough Wardens, hosted Stoke Bardolph community litter picks, had potholes filled in on the riverside layby and increased road and pedestrian safety with the installation new barriers.

“We will continue to work with our Stoke Bardolph residents, Gedling Borough Wardens, local Police and Nottinghamshire County Council’s Highways department to reduce traffic and litter issues and ask Stoke Bardolph residents to contact us directly with any queries.

They added: “We are so lucky to have access to such an incredible and beautiful area and we can all do our bit to keep it that way.”

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  1. we have read the stoke bardolph issue we do feel for the people that live there but its
    selfish humans who don’t care and we like walking but are fed up with seeing litter
    everywhere .

  2. A lot of people that walk by the river at Stoke take a bag with them to pick up litter as they walk. There are big waste bins at the lock

  3. It will be people from Netherfield. Not enough places left in their to dump rubish so now using countryside. Ha! As long as Arnold is clean I dont care. Arnold is our capital and shoud be respected.

  4. It is illegan to leave a car parked with the engine running. Read the Highway Code!
    Why aren’t the police on the job with some prosecutions?

  5. I have just been for a walk down the side of the river Trent at Stoke Bardolph and couldn’t believe the amount of rubbish I picked up and put in the bin. Why bother going for a walk along a place of beauty only to throw your rubbish away. I noticed that there was only one bin along the walk between the carpark and the locks. I managed to pick up enough rubbish to fill a carrier bag. Maybe there is more bins along this walk but I only saw one, which is now full. Ideally there should be at least 3 more bins so that people have no excuses for dropping there litter. When I returned back to the carpark I noticed at least 4 bins within a short walk of 100 metres.


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