Speeding motorists snared by police in Ravenshead

 Speeding motorists snared by police in Ravenshead
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Police took action to tackle speeding motorists in Ravenshead on Sunday night (May 24).

A team of Special Constables were tasked with snaring those breaking the speed limit after complaints by residents.

The team spent several hours in the Ravenshead area and stopped 15 vehicles during their patrols.

Nine speeding motorists in total were issued words of advice and provided with ‘on-the-spot’ education, whilst four motorists, who significantly exceeded the speed limit, were served with Notices of Intended Prosecution and issued with Traffic Offence Reports.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “The team plan to set-up similar check sites across the borough over the coming weeks as they respond to issues having an adverse impact in our Neighbourhoods.”


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