Ian West
PICTURED: Ian West after starting out on his charity walk

A plucky pensioner has vowed to walk around a village square for 72 hours non-stop to raise money for the NHS.

Ian West, who lives in Bestwood Village, began the epic challenge on Friday (June 12) at 10am and will continue walking around the square until 10am on Monday morning.

The 65-year-old said the only rest he’ll be having is during five-minute breaks he plans to take every four hours.

Mr West has taken up the challenge to help raise funds for the NHS and also Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Since starting he started his epic walk, residents in Bestwood Village have been lining the streets to cheer him on. They’ve also been bringing him drinks and sharing words of encouragement to spur him on.

Ian said he was very grateful for all their support.

He said: “The community spirit has been unbelievable. It’s been a wonderful experience. People have been out bringing me drinks, like coffee, and that’s wonderful.

“It’s unbelievable what people do and to come together as a village like this is wonderful”

He was videoed by resident Des Gibbons a few hours after starting the challenge and said he ‘was in good spirits’.

This isn’t the first challenge Mr West has completed to raise funds for charity.

Last year he raised enough cash to fund training for a guide dog puppy.

He said: “Last year, I finished a solo walk around the coast of the UK in aid of Guide Dogs.  I raised enough money to support a guide dog puppy in training, which I named Banjo.

“I know the difference that Banjo will make to someone in the future and wanted to ensure that the charity can continue to support people living with sight loss, to live the life that they choose.”

Ian’s brother, Simon, said the charity champion ‘has a heart of gold’.

He told Gedling Eye: “I don’t know how the hell we are related; I haven’t got stamina like him to do something like this and I’m 12 years younger.

“He’s has mad as a bottle of chips but he’s got an heart of gold will do anything for anybody.

“He spent 31 years in the Royal Navy, He’s cooked for admirals and his crowning glory is that he cooked for the Queen Mother.

“He’s an amazing person”

You can support Ian West’s challenge by visiting his JustGiving page for the charities he is supporting.





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