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Petition launched to shut down hostel in Colwick


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A petition has been launched by Colwick residents, aiming to shutdown Balmoral Road’s home for ex-prisoners.

The petition to Gedling Borough Council claims that a property in Balmoral Road, Colwick has brought criminal activity and drug use to the neighbourhood.

The property according to its owner East Midland Homes Co-operative provides supported living accommodation.

Concerned residents argue that because of the home they don’t feel safe in their own homes and that they have put up with the issue for long enough.

The post said: “The residents of Balmoral Road and the neighbourhood of Colwick, Netherfield and Carlton would like the shutdown of the hostel in Balmoral Road for use to house ex-convicts. 

“The last few years has seen weekly visits from blues; be it Police for anti-social behaviour, domestic violence and theft, or drug related ambulance call outs.”

The petition was clear that newly released prisoners need accommodation, but added: “Had there been harmonious social behaviours and integration then of course there would not be an issue but that is not the case.”

Police have attended several recent incidents reported by the area’s residents.

The petition is close to reaching the 200 signatures that it is aiming for.

notts police
Police say they have been called to the address on three occasions

Colwick ward councillor Meredith Lawrence has been working to resolve residents’ concerns about the property.

He said: “A meeting took place online on May 17 with myself, Gedling Borough Council, police, and representatives of East Midlands Homes Cooperative who run what they say is supported living accommodation.

“An action plan was formulated, and I have received the draft minutes today, but until all participants have agreed them, I can’t share them yet.

“I made it plain that residents have had enough of intermittent anti-social and criminal behaviour over the years, and it was time to stop it.”

Gedling Eye contacted Nottinghamshire Police for comment.

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Gedling Chris Pearson said: “As the neighbourhood policing team, our officers will respond as appropriate whenever crime has been reported and wherever this takes place within Gedling borough.

“We have attended Balmoral Road for three incidents over the past month. These include reports of antisocial behaviour and loud music on the evening of 13 May. We also visited as part of enquiries into a stolen bike on 20 May and most recently officers responded to a heated argument on June 1.

“We would reassure residents that we continue to investigate such incidents and will respond quickly to such reports. We also continue with proactive patrols, where officers are out and about making sure they’re visible, engaging with the local community and getting their thoughts.

“This proactive approach and listening to residents is something we are committed to as a neighbourhood team and we would urge residents to share any concerns they may have in their area with us so that we can act upon these and tackle such issues as antisocial behaviour as efficiently as possible.”

East Midland Homes Co-operative did not wish to comment.

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    • This isnt the real ‘Arnold Lad’ gedling eye. Can we remove. Hes taking the mickey. So what if I say our capital our London. IT IS!

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  2. These Hostels should be located in the more middle class upmarket areas where the judiciary and politicians live, they can then set an example to these characters. Just putting them back with their riff-raff mates just means they go back to bad habits.


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