Heartbreak as vandals target iconic plane on Colwick primary school playing field

 Heartbreak as vandals target iconic plane on Colwick primary school playing field

PICTURED: The vandalised plane at St John’s CofE School in Colwick

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Parents and pupils say they are ‘absolutely heartbroken’ after a plane in a primary school’s playing field was targeted by vandals.

Images posted on social media show the plane, which is a popular fixture outside St John’s CofE Primary School on Vale Road, covered in graffiti.

One parent, who contacted Gedling Eye about the incident and didn’t wish to be named said: “Me and my son are heartbroken. I showed him the picture on Facebook and he was very upset. Why would someone do this to a school?”

Other parents took to the Colwick Village Facebook page offering to help clean the paint of the plane, which has become a popular feature in the village.

IMAGE: Facebook

Nicola Williams wrote: “Some people have respect at all. Let’s hope the culprit or culprits are found and then made to clean it off.”

Parent Hannah Denton wrote: “Absolutely gutted! Hope you find the awful people who did this. Showed my girls and they’re so upset.”

Gedling Borough councillor for Colwick Ward Cllr Meredith Lawrence said he was ‘appalled’ by the attack.

He told Gedling Eye: “The school has recently received a grant from Colwick Parish Council to undertake much needed repairs and now faces an unexpected bill to remove the graffiti before repairs can take place.

“I hope the culprit is caught, prosecuted, and made to pay for the removal, as happened in a similar case on the Joshua Dale Skate Park.”

Mr Lawrence, who is also a governor for the school, has today offered to pay for the cost of the cleaning from his Gedling Borough Councillor Community Fund.


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