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Finally – Abandoned boat moved from riverbank at Burton Joyce

PICTURED: Canals and River Trusts teams move the abandoned boat at Burton Joyce (IMAGE: Nathan Dye)

An abandoned boat which had been stuck on a riverbank near Burton Joyce for months has finally been removed.

The boat had been occupied last summer and moored near the Ferry Boat pub in Stoke Bardolph. It was then abandoned and came loose from its moorings during flooding earlier in the year and was seen floating down the Trent.

The vessel eventually crashed into a bank near Burton Joyce and has remained there ever since. It was also targeted by graf

PICTURE: Nathan Dye
PICTURE: Nathan Dye

A spokesman for the Canals and Rivers TRust told Gedling Eye: “In the case of this boat, Section 8 of the British Waterways Act 1983 permits us, after giving at least 28 days notice, to remove a craft which is sunk, stranded, abandoned or unlawfully moored on our waterways.

“As part of this process we have been in touch with the owner of the boat on several occasions but their current whereabouts are unknown.”