Designs for new ‘fish pass’ on River Trent near Colwick unveiled

 Designs for new ‘fish pass’ on River Trent near Colwick unveiled

PICTURED: The new designs for a fish pass near Colwick

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Designs for a new fish pass on the River Trent near Colwick have been unveiled.

The Environment Agency plans to develop the pass at Holme Sluices so fish can easily travel through the barrier and breed freely.

Holme Sluices is currently the largest barrier to fish migration on the Trent and the pass will open up 60km of river

PICTURED: Designs for the new fish pass at Holme Sluices
PICTURED: Holme Sluice gates near Colwick

The fish pass structures act like a ladder, allowing fish to swim up and downstream and bypass the barrier.

The new pass is part of a project called Trent Gateway which aims to open locks and weirs up and down the river to improve fish migration.

It is hoped that the fish passes will benefit species in decline such as salmon, lamprey and eels.

The Environment Agency hope the new fish pass will be built and completed in 2021.


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