Cat rescue charity in Burton Joyce is still caring for dozens of abandoned felines during lockdown- but needs your help

 Cat rescue charity in Burton Joyce is still caring for dozens of abandoned felines during lockdown- but needs your help

A plea for help has been made by a cat rescue charity in Burton Joyce which has been battered by the Covid-19 crisis.

BJ Cat Rescue has continued to provide care and rehome cats during the pandemic but said it is now ‘under immense pressure’ to find funds so they can continue their work during lockdown.

The charity said the number of pets being rescued and treated had risen considerably during the recent pandemic.

The rescue recently paid for veterinary treatment for a cat and her three kittens after they were found abandoned in woods and close to starvation. The four animals are now on the road to recovery.

Alison Jones, who runs the charity, said: “The rescue has calls daily about strays and people simply giving up their pets for all sorts of different reasons.

“We are a small rescue and unlike the larger organisations we have carried on rescuing and rehoming throughout lockdown .

“Unfortunately, this has put immense pressure on our resources – food, cat litter and most of all veterinary fees.
If you are able to help in any way towards these costs we would be immensely grateful.

A kitten recently rescued (IMAGE: BJ Cats Rescue)

The rescue centre is just one of those being supported by Covid-19 One Voice for Animals appeal, which raises awareness of centres needing public support and donations.

The co-founder of the appeal is Val Green, who lives in Carlton.

She told Gedling Eye: “Small animal rescues are the backbone of UK animal welfare – yet they get no Government support, and are usually run by unpaid volunteers and are wholly dependent on donations to care for their animals.

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“They have been hit very hard by a loss of volunteers and the loss of their usual fundraising routes during the pandemic.

“BJ Cats is one of our newer members. I approached Alison after seeing a story on her Facebook page about starving cats. 

“I spoke with Alison last night and am aware she has some very big vet bills coming up so I’m hoping we can now get her some much needed donations.”

You can find out more details on how to support BJ Cats and ways to donate at their Facebook page:


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