Riverside clean up
PICTURED: A volunteer with litter cleaned up during a litter pick of the riverside near Stoke Bardolph

A bowling ball, kitchen sink and car break pads were among the many odd items collected during a litter pick of the Stoke Lane riverside involving members of the local community, councillors and fishing club members.

The socially-distanced clean up of the riverside between Burton Joyce and Stoke Bardolph took place on Saturday (February 27) and volunteers found the grass banks strewn with items visitors to the beauty spot had left behind.

The clean-up was organised by Steve Williamson, a bailiff for Ashfield Angling Club, who recently made a plea for visitors to take their litter home.

He told Gedling Eye: “We had around 20 to 25 people turn up, with half of these being from the Ashfield Angling Club. Everyone worked really hard. It was an amazing turn out and much better than I expected,

PICTURED: Clean up organiser Steve Williamson, left, and councillors Michael Adams, centre and Sam Smith, right
PICTURED: A volunteer takes part in the clean up of the riverside near Stoke Bardolph
Litter collected during the clean up

“Amongst some of the items collected were a pot, bathroom sink, car tyres, car break discs, two cast iron pots, a bowling ball and an electric heater,

“Again, there were loads of empty cans of alcohol -mainly Stella – and lots of general plastic waste.”

The volunteers were joined on the litter pick by Gedling Borough Councillors for Trent Valley, Sam Smith and Michael Adams.

The councillors said: “Stoke Bardolph is beautiful and we need to keep it that way by not littering. So our message is clear: don’t be a tosser, bin it!

We’ve recently installed three new bins along Stoke Lane so there’s no excuse.

“We supplied the fishing club with litter picking equipment and are grateful to them for clearing up bits of litter when they are out fishing.

They added: “As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, we will be organising and hosting community litter picks across Trent Valley in Gedling, Burton Joyce and Stoke Bardolph.”



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