Bestwood Village residents start petition calling for answers from councils around planned traffic calming measures

 Bestwood Village residents start petition calling for answers from councils around planned traffic calming measures

Residents in Bestwood Village have started a petition calling on councils to consult with the community before putting traffic calming measures in place.

They also are calling for urgent repairs to be carried out on local roads which are blighted by potholes.

The petition, which has been started by Bestwood Village resident Tom Reed, is asking Nottingham City and County Councils for consultations before opting to install road humps, which will be used to slow down speeding traffic in the village.

Residents say they think ‘there are better options’. Many local people also say the current humps cause damage to vehicles.

Mr Reed told Gedling Eye: “It’s not clear who requested the traffic humps. We would like to know who this was and a basic explanation of why this is what we are getting.

PICTURED: Plans for traffic calming measures in Bestwood Village (IMAGE: Tom Reed)

“We would like to see the reasons for road humps opposed to other better solutions. We feel continuation of a bad method proven to not work is not a valid option for us.

“We want to find out if it was one person requesting this and if it was, what findings or reports that led us down this path.

“The people of Bestwood Village and wider community have been trying to get answers to some simple questions regarding the scheduled traffic calming works to Bestwood Road ‘Kings Park’ on our boundary into Bulwell.

“We have been trying all methods possible to get answers for over eight weeks now with no valid response from anyone. “

He added: “We will not be ignored and stalling and hiding to get the works completed without the community having our answers is not acceptable.”

Gedling MP welcomes £8m boost to pothole repair fund

Sally Holmes said she regularly pays visits to friends in the village and thinks the humps currently in place cause damage to vehicles.

She said: “The wear and tear on vehicles is noticeable. Try spending money on tackling the flooding instead.”

Mr Reed said there were growing frustrations in the village around the lack of repairs to roads.

He said: “We have also been attempting to get simple urgent fixes to the road surface to make the road safer.

“We still have nothing in writing from the councils to say when exactly the road will be resurfaced apart from it will be looked at once the planned traffic calming has been carried out.”

Gedling Eye has conatcted Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council for comments.

You can sign the petition here:


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