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Gedling residents furious as school building site mess sees them forced to walk on road


Furious residents are being forced to walk on the road by a school entrance in Gedling due to building site mess.

Pedestrians using Burton Road say they have to walk into the road as the footpath outside the building site at Carlton Le Willows Academy becomes ‘a quagmire’ every time it rains.

One local parent contacted Gedling Eye and said the footpath was ‘a mess’ even when it wasn’t raining.

They said: “I have stopped passing the entrance now with my pushchair and two-year-old as when I get home the pushchair and our shoes are ruined.

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“Last time we used the path, my two-year-old ran into the accessible area in front of the gate, which is set back, and fell straight into the puddle”

Pictured: The footpath that people are expected to navigate (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

“The muck and dirt appears to be running down from the building site and is being carried onto the road by vehicles when they leave.

We visited the site on a number of occasions and found the same issues every time it had been raining.

Construction vehicles drive through a large puddle, splashing and dragging muck and dirty water onto the public footpath every time they drive through it.

Pictured: The footpath pedestrians are expected to walk on (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

Gedling Eye contacted Cleggs, who operate the site, for a comment.

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Pictured: The footpath is unidentifiable (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

Another resident said “This is down to the builders, not the school. It has been like this from the start, have a look at the Miller housing site 100 yards over there, it has always been clean”

Pictured: Muck covering the footpath and road (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

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  1. Been like this since the start – nothing to do with the school – its the builders ! Have a look at the housing estate 100 yards away – never been a problem there.


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