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Local police begin crackdown on drug taking and anti-social behaviour in ‘trouble areas’ around Carlton, Gedling and Mapperley

Gedling neighbourhood policing teams patrolled ‘problem areas’ around the borough last week as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour and drug taking.

Members of the Gedling local neighbourhood police teams carried out a number of stop and searches in targeted areas last Wednesday (October 16) following concerns from residents.

The officers targeted areas of Carlton and Mapperley along with car parks at Gedling Country Park and Richard Herrod Leisure Centre.

Speaking about what action was taken following the patrols, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Chris Pearson said: “Recently there been raised concerns of increased anti-social behaviour and drug taking within the Carlton and Gedling area.

“Gedling South Neighbourhood Policing Team reacted to a rise in complaints from the community in regard to anti-social behaviour and drug taking at Richard Herrod Leisure Centre, Carlton, Gedling Country Park, and Mapperley. 

“The team completed a proactive operation on Wednesday (October 16), utilising uniformed and plain clothes resources to concentrate particularly in these areas of Carlton, Gedling and Mapperley.

“The operation was successful and resulted in two vehicles and six persons being stop searched in the car park of Gedling Country Park under the misuse use of drugs act. 

He added: “Three quantities of cannabis were seized and two offenders were issued with cannabis warnings and one offender due to being a juvenile was referred to the Youth Justice System for follow up interventions to be completed.    

“No arrests were made from the operation.”

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