VIDEO: Flyover shows newt conservation work taking place at Gedling Access Road site

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Conservation work is underway to protect newts discovered at the construction site of the new £40m Gedling Access Road.

Black amphibian fencing has been erected to trap the creatures so they can be safely moved.

The fencing is the black lines you see at the beginning of the latest flyover video released by Nottinghamshire County Council.

A spokesman for the project said: “Did you know that the Gedling Access Road will bring a number of ecological benefits to the area? One of these is the conservation of newts, and to do this, newts must first be trapped to ensure they can be safely moved and protected for years to come. 

Newts are being moved from the site to protect them

“Amphibian fencing has been erected to help with this process and you spot it on the latest progress flyover.”

The council also revealed the ongoing earth works at Lambley Lane reached a huge milestone this month.

“Our construction teams have now excavated and moved the amount of earth equivalent to that of 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools,” the spokesman said.

“That’s 200,000 cubic metres to be exact.”

The new £40m 3.8km single carriageway will link the A612 Trent Valley Road and Nottingham Road to Mapperley Plains.

It will run parallel with the A6211 Arnold Lane and through the centre of the old Gedling Colliery site.


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