‘Urban square’ proposed for Chase Farm development in Gedling

 ‘Urban square’ proposed for Chase Farm development in Gedling

A design plan for the new ‘urban square’ at Chase Farm

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Planning proposals for a new ‘urban square’ at Chase Farm in Gedling have been submitted to the council this week.

In documentation attached to the proposals, developers want the space to become ‘the primary area for public recreation and play on the £140m site.

A more detailed planning document among those submitted describes how the square will look and feel.

It reads: “The Urban Square is a large space approximately 3385m2 and provides a
useable, high quality space providing opportunities for play.

This design document shows where the new ‘urban square’ will be situated
Chase Farm
PICTURED: Chase Farm

“The landscape here creates an urban character and provides a focal point linking the local centre and school with the surrounding new dwellings.”

A community centre and new school are expected to arrive in the years to come.

“The space is accessed from the primary street and emphasises the green corridor from the
development through to the Country Park.

“Providing the main access for the area is the tarmac pathway, which not only adds balance to the space but provides a focal point and seating area to the centre; encouraging social interactions at a key ‘meeting point’.

“The picnic benches at the inner circle also allow a pleasant communal space which gives an optimal location for the rest of the space to be admired, taken in and supervised.”

The plans for the new urban square have now been submitted to Gedling Borough Council for consideration.

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