Gedling’s Conservative Tom Randall writes to Labour’s Vernon Coaker asking him where he stands on Brexit

 Gedling’s Conservative Tom Randall writes to Labour’s Vernon Coaker asking him where he stands on Brexit

PICTURED: Tom Randall is the Conservative candidate for Gedling

The Conservative candidate for Gedling, Tom Randall, has written to his Labour opponent Vernon Coaker asking him to confirm where he stands on Brexit after Jeremy Corbyn said he would ‘remain neutral’ in a second EU referendum.

In the letter, Mr Randall writes: “Without a plan to get Brexit done it is impossible to have credibility on anything else. That’s why I’ve confirmed that, if I’m elected, I will back the great new deal that Boris Johnson has already agreed with the EU.

“Britain will be out of the EU by the end of January, giving families and businesses the certainty they need to plan for the future.

He added:“Your position as Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate for Gedling appears unclear and needs urgent clarification to help local people make their choice in this election.

Vernon Coaker general election
PICTURED: Vernon Coaker

The move comes as senior Conservatives called Mr Corbyn “Prime Ditherer” at a poster launch in Westminster following the Labour leader’s decision not to take sides in the proposed public vote on a new Brexit deal which his party intends to negotiate with Brussels.

In the letter, Mr Randall asked Mr Coaker to clarify his stance on Brexit, asked what plan he has to ‘get Brexit done’ and also if he would remain neutral if a second referendum was to happen.

He finished the letter by calling on Mr Coaker help get Brexit over the finish line.

He wrote: “My view is that it is wrong to force the people to vote again; wrong to rip up a deal when it’s clear you have no plan; and wrong to play games with our precious union.

“There must be no more dither and delay – we need to get Brexit done and unleash our country’s potential.

Mr Coaker has yet to respond to the letter. Gedling Eye has approached him for a comment.

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