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These are the Labour candidates hoping to be selected to stand against Tom Randall in Gedling at the next general election

Labour Party members in Gedling are preparing to have their say on who they want to stand against current MP Tom Randall at the next general election.

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Labour Party members in Gedling are preparing to have their say on who they want to stand against current MP Tom Randall at the next general election.

Six candidates have been put forward and they will get the chance to tell members why they are the right person to stand against the Tory MP at a hustings event next month.

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Here’s what we know about those hoping to be selected…

Kyrsten Perry

PICTURED: Kyrsten Perry

“I have already beaten Tom Randall at the ballot box – and will beat him again.”

Kyrsten is currently a councillor on Tower Hamlets and represents Canary Wharf ward.

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Perry beat current Gedling MP Tom Randall by six votes when he stood against her in Canary Wharf during the council elections back in 2018.

She says she has worked for high-profile women MPs in Labour’s shadow cabinet, been a councillor, pensions chair and has supported 1000s of constituents with complex cases over the years.

Perry points out that ‘Gedling hasn’t had a woman MP for 70 years!’

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Krysten said: “It’s a big ask – an ‘outsider’ seeking support for a job that can pay £85,000. But I will work my socks off and pay back dividends, as I believe I am the best qualified candidate for this enormous job and for Gedling.”

Andre Henry

PICTURED: Andre Henry

Andre grew up in Carlton, went to Carlton le Willows School and worked in Gedling.

“I am extremely pleased with how Gedling prepared me for university and helped me grow into the man I am today,” he said.

Mr Henry is the son of a RAF veteran and councillor in Gedling and his mother stood to be a district councillor so says ‘politics and Gedling are in my blood’.

Andre says he wants to be a role model to those from diverse backgrounds and young people who have and interest in getting involved in politics.

“I will be your local voice in Parliament and be always visible and accessible. Over the past decade, I have seen many people experience a reversal of fortune under this rotten Tory government. With increasing poverty and inequality, austerity cuts have hit working people and the most vulnerable the hardest.”

Andre is currently a teacher and also head of department at a school in London.

Harriet Digby

PICTURED: Harriet Digby

“My parents almost called me Victoria. As my maiden name was Britton, I nearly spent 27 years with the name Tori Britton. I’m eternally grateful that they reconsidered. I am determined to make sure there’s never a Tory Britain again.”

Harriet Digby is Gedling born and bred and has been a Labour member of 12 years.

“In 1874, my great-great grandfather was born in Stoke Bardolph. He made the dangerous voyage to the faraway land of Burton Joyce, and my family have lived, loved and found community there ever since.”

Digby moved away to support her husband – and says ‘she will move back immediately’ if selected.

She said: “I want to be Gedling Labour’s Parliamentary candidate because I think that Labour sometime struggles to reach ordinary voters. I believe I can show that a Labour government stands for them through impactful messaging using evidence-led approaches and real stories.”

Saj Ahmad


Saj Ahmad was born and raised in Nottingham and works for the NHS. She says she ‘supports NHSstaff to provide the very best patient care.

She is a passionate environmentalist and runs educational nature walks around Nottingham. She says ‘I believe educating people about nature is vital to preserving the planet.’

Saj is a committed trade unionist and also union rep. She is the co-chair of the NHS Muslim Women’s Network which ensures issues effecting Muslim women, like Islamophobia, are raised with senior NHS leaders.

She says she is standing to help create a better Gedling where all residents can thrive.

“Nottingham is changing and so is Gedling,” said Saj.

“It’s time for a new kind of MP, one who will be constituency-focussed and who has the ability to connect with people from all backgrounds. I believe I am the best candidate to do that.”

Michael Payne

Michael Payne Gedling
Pictured: Michael Payne (PHOTO: Neil Slack Photography)

The Arnold-born candidate said he decided to enter the running for parliamentary candidate after feeling the area had been ‘let down’ over the past two years by the Conservative MP.

“I cant just stand by while my home town and while the place I owe everything to [Gedling] continues to be let down by this government and this member of parliament,” he said.

Mr Payne is currently deputy leader of Gedling Borough Council and also represents Arnold North on Nottinghamshire County Council.

“We currently have the Member of Parliament Tom Randall and the one thing going for him is that he is from Arnold, but it’s not just about living here, it’s about delivering for here and I’ve been doing that for the last 12 years in my council roles.”

Jamie McMahon

Jamie McMahon
PICTURED: Jamie McMahon wants to be named as Labour’s next parliamentary candidate in Gedling

Seasoned political campaigner Jamie McMahon has entered the race to become the Labour Party’s next parliamentary candidate in Gedling at the next General Election.

Mr McMahon, who has worked for Nottingham City Council and the National Deaf Children’s Society, says he now plays a role in improving public services.

“I think I can do better than what is being offered by Tom at the moment,” he said.

“What you get with Tom is someone who puts Westminster first; he puts the Government first.

“He needs to be amplifying the voices from Gedling in Westminster, not amplifying the voices from Westminster in Gedling.”

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  1. Kyrsten is currently a councillor on Tower Hamlets and represents Canary Wharf ward. ==> Nothing like a good local candidate, is there?

    • She’s incredibly qualified and very engaging, great with local people already. She’d settle in in no time. I’m yet to see place of birth on a person specification for a job. Remember Trump asking for Obama’s passport? Not a million miles away. Her connections in Westminster would be an asset to Gedling. She’s got my vote. We need a woman.


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