Rare glimpse of abandoned colliery railway line in Gedling captured on video

 Rare glimpse of abandoned colliery railway line in Gedling captured on video
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It once echoed with the sound of trains carrying coal produced by Gedling Colliery – but this new video gives a rare glimpse along a borough railway line now abandoned and reclaimed by nature.

A video of a walk down the old Gedling Colliery line this week featured on the popular Trekking & Towpaths Youtube channel – and has already attracted over 2,000 views.

The former GNR line to Gedling, Daybrook and Basford was closed to passenger traffic in 1960 and was then only used by Gedling Colliery up until the early 90s.

Plans are now in place to turn the former railway route into a heritage walk and possible tram line extension.

Host Ant begins his difficult journey along the overgrown route near to the old Gedling Station and follows it all the way down to the station at Netherfield.

He said: “I’ve been here a few times in the last few years just to scope it out a bit but it’s always been far too overgrown but this year I thought I’d give it another go.”

On his trip down the old track he finds a number of old sleepers still knocking around, along with old telegraph poles and remnants of signalling equipment – and lots of flytipping.

Gedling Colliery Line
PICTURE: Trekkers & Towpaths YouTube channel

It’s not the first time Gedling borough has featured on the channel. Mapperley Tunnel and the old Daybrook line both appeared in earlier videos.

The popular YouTube channel aims to cover walks along every towpath in the UK and also covers lost and abandoned railways.

You can find the channel on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6BAVDccOWUt16LFzdv0LA


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