Petition launched objecting to 120-home plan for former green belt land in Gedling

 Petition launched objecting to 120-home plan for former green belt land in Gedling

A petition has been launched objecting to proposals for up to 120 homes to be built on former green belt land in Gedling

As reported on Gedling Eye on Tuesday, Northern Trust Company has applied for permission to put up the homes on a 10-acre site off Burton Road, near the junction with Colwick Loop Road and the Gedling Access Road.

To allow the development to happen, the site has been taken from being within the green belt to an allocation within the adopted Gedling Local Plan so that planning permission can be granted, which has angered local residents.

And now a petition has been started by local resident Sam Stiling.

PICTURED: The planned development on land off Burton Road

The Netherfield resident told Gedling Eye: “I feel very strongly about this application.  Not only will this development put yet more strain on the existing infrastructure and local services, like doctors and schools, the site has been stolen from the green belt. 

“If the boundaries can moved so easily now, what is to stop this happening again and again.”

A spokesperson for Gedling Borough Council said; “The site is allocated for residential development in our Local Planning Document and our planning committee resolved to grant outline planning permission in August 2020, subject to the completion of a legal agreement to secure improvements to education, health care provision and bus stops, on site public open space and the delivery of affordable housing.

“The agreement has now been completed and the permission has been issued. Prior to granting permission, the Council sought view from, and received no objection from the Environment Agency, the Lead Local Flood Authority, Severn Trent and the Highways authority.”

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You can sign the petition here: 



  • I’ve signed the petition. There should be no more houses built in the Gedling Borough. Persimmon still building down Teal close . The council have robbed us of greenbelt land and the little wildlife we have around the area. Not enough schools and health centres to cope with so many people coming into the area.They tried to get planning in Stoke Bardolph ,they will have no chance there
    Everyone will fight tooth and nail if they try again to stop them.
    I understand famalies need places to live but not all in one borough in close proximity. Its a stone throw away from Teal close when 800 houses are being built .
    Can’t see the petition being successful but the people of Gedling need to stand together and stop this. If not the council will keep selling off greenbelt land to fund there council.

  • Build them, fed with people saying NIMBY, make sure they ate affordable

  • I am sick and tired of our green and pleasant land being taken over by housing with no consideration for the wildlife and also against the majority interest. Gedling Borough council will not be happy till the whole of the borough is paved over .

  • More than likely filled largely with immo

  • There’s no chance of stopping housing developments in Gedling. It’s almost as if Councillor Clarke is sponsored by Persimmon.

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