Residents without water in Carlton,Gedling,Netherfield and villages after ‘third party’ damages pipe near Burton Joyce

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Residents have been left without water in Carlton, Gedling and Netherfield after a pipe was damaged by a ‘third party’ near Burton Joyce.

Thousands of residents in the area have now been left without water following the incident.

A spokesman for Severn Trent Water said: “A third-party has gone through and damaged one of our pipes. Our teams are on site and working hard to get the pipe repaired and everyone back on supply as soon as possible.”

It is being alleged an HGV has driven through and damaged a water pipe near the Gedling Access Road construction site.

PICTURED: Worried residents watch as water gushes down the road from the burst pipe (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)
The leak on Burton Road (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)

Councillor Michael Payne and other councillors have contacted Severn Trent Water to try and get the issue resolved.

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Cllr Payne said “This evening Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth, County Councillor Nicki Brooks and I have contacted Severn Trent Water regarding water supply outages reported as currently affecting households in Gedling village, Netherfield & Burton Joyce.

“We have been informed by Severn Trent Water that unfortunately a third party has gone through one of their pipes in the area, which is causing this evening’s problem in the areas mentioned above. Severn Trent Water’s team are dealing with the incident and we’ve asked to be kept updated on the matter.

UPDATE: The water has now been reinstated and supply is returning to household affected


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