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Over 100 residents sign petition calling for controversial Gedling ‘bus plug’ to be removed


A petition has been started to get Nottinghamshire County Council to remove a controversial ‘bus plug’ in Gedling.

The petition, which has so far attracted over 100 signatures, calls on the council to remove the plug at the junction of Burton Road with Colliery Way.

Locals want it removed as it ‘slows traffic’ and ‘increases carbon emissions’.

PICTURED: Cllrs Sam Smith, left, and Mike Adams, right, at the site of the bus plug (PHOTO: Facebook)

The petition has been started by Conservative Councillors Mike Adams and Sam Smith, who represent the Trent Valley ward on Gedling Borough Council,

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In a statement they said:“We’re campaigning to remove the bus-plug on Burton Road in Gedling. You can help us by signing our petition, which will be handed in to Nottinghamshire County Council.

“The bus-plug on Burton Road in Gedling, near its junction with the Colliery Way (GAR), is no longer necessary. Its traffic lights are within a few metres of the new traffic lights at the junction of Colliery Way as it connects to the A612. This close proximity between the two sets of traffic lights and the bus-plug’s single lane causes tailbacks, particularly during peak times. These tailbacks delay journeys and cause additional carbon to be emitted by cars idling next to a school.  

Local resident Kevin Doyle backed calls for the plug’s removal.

He said: “It’s a meaningless, structural impediment which halts and slows traffic thus causing more carbon emissions. Also it’s removal will lower the driving anxiety of many.”

Val Baker posted on the petition page: “It’s totally unnecessary; serves no purpose.”

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You can sign the petition here:

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  1. What about the bus plug on Stoke lane that’s no longer needed. With this bus plug in place , to get to Stoke Bardolph traffic has to go the long way round, either head towards Victoria retail park and double back to get back to Stoke lane or head past Carlton le willows towards Burton Joyce and once again double back to get back to Stoke lane, thus creating longer journeys and more pollution from every car that goes that way. Seems pointless in this day and age where the government is calling out for less pollution.

  2. It is redundant, serves no useful purpose, and should have been got rid of when the Gedling Access Road was developed. But Nottinghamshire County Council don’t seem to do joined up thinking.

  3. leave it alone tory council wannabees just drumming up trade before elections in may colliery way bad enough being single road too many islands.

  4. Well I remember distinctly a particular County Councillor called Kay Cutts who said one of her priorities should Conservatives gain control would be to get this removed…..we’ll they did get in power but SHE LIED!
    Get rid of it. Serves no purpose other than annoyance. Oh, Mr Henderson, pray tell why you think it should remain?
    If it’s for child safety, perhaps red line Burton Road so as all the t**ts who park on the road to pick up little Timmy god forbid he might have to walk a few hundred yards to get home, and the ilk who pose the real danger.


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