Inspector Chris Pearson: October update from Gedling’s neighbourhood police team

 Inspector Chris Pearson: October update from Gedling’s neighbourhood police team

PICTURED: Inspector Chris Pearson (IMAGE: Notts Police)

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It’s been a busy few weeks and as ever I’ve got a few updates to pass on.

Team boost

First up is staffing and I’m pleased to report that PC 2358 Mark Szeremeta has joined the Gedling Neighbourhood team as an additional officer. Mark will be based at Carlton and is a welcome addition to the team. I’m hopeful that Mark is the first of a number of officers that will join the team over the coming months.

Firearms incident

I wanted to provide an update regarding the firearms incident on Flatts Lane, Calverton back in March this year. The case was heard at Nottingham Crown Court for sentencing on September 26. Ross Hedley (18 years) of Arnold was sentenced to 21 months in prison. A 15-year-old male received a youth detention and training order which will consist of six months in prison. Finally, a 17-year-old male received a community sentence which will consist of a three-month curfew and 40 hours community work. This is a pleasing result given the severity of the incident and I hope that this will provide some reassurance that we are doing everything we can to deal with violence.

Sceptre searches

Last month the force supported the national knife crime week of action known as ‘Operation Sceptre’. The Gedling neighbourhood team and colleagues from across the force were involved in a number of proactive activities to try and prevent knife crime. Officers conducted ‘open space’ searches along with colleagues from Gedling Borough Council. This allows us to search areas of the community where individuals may choose to hide weapons such as knives. Officers have searched a number of locations across the Gedling Borough and during Operation Sceptre we carried out a search of Standhill Park, Carlton. The team used metal detectors to assist them and I’m pleased to report that no weapons were found.

PICTURED: Inspector Chris Pearson (IMAGE: Notts Police)

During the week of action we were also joined by the force knife crime team who carried out a number of stop/searches in the Gedling Borough. This resulted in a number of people being dealt with for drugs offences but positively no weapons were found.

We also visited a number of schools across the Gedling Borough to provide an educational input around knife crime which was well received by our local schools.  The force also carried out another knife amnesty and with the support of Gedling Borough Council a bin was placed in the Civic Centre at Arnot Hill Park. A number of unwanted knives were handed in and will now be destroyed.

Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to carry out additional patrols around knife crime and violence. A number of additional officers have been on patrol across Gedling working in areas identified as hotspots for violent incidents or knife crime. This will also focus on engaging with public houses to reduce any alcohol related disorder.

Police priorities

I wanted to touch on our Gedling policing priorities which throughout September continued to be burglary, autocrime, violence and anti-social behaviour. The priorities will be refreshed for October and details will be published on the force website under ‘Gedling Priorities’.

Throughout September we have seen a slight decrease in overall reported burglary compared to August this year with five less offences. However year to date burglary continues to be an issue, particularly in the Gedling North area and in the last month we have seen offences in Arnold, Ravenshead, Papplewick and Newstead. The offenders have mostly gained entry to properties by damaging windows or doors and have targeted properties whilst the occupants have been away on holiday. I would continue to ask that any suspicious incidents are reported to us as this may prevent further offences from taking place. If you are planning on leaving your home unoccupied and need advice on security then please contact us.

September saw a slight increase in reported autocrime across the area however year to date we have received 31 less reports which is encouraging. Officers from the Gedling Neighbourhood team have patrolled in hotspot areas such as Arnold throughout September and we have been supported by a team of Special Constables working late evening/ night shifts and colleagues from Response/Operational Support teams. A thorough response to a call on September 13, 2019 saw a male arrested for Vehicle Interference in the Arnold area. Officers were assisted by members of the public in order to detain Michael Wilson (44 Years) who was arrested, charged and sent to prison for the offence. A number of offences reported this month have involved the theft of tools, other business equipment and expensive personal items left within vehicles, particularly overnight. I would urge you to consider removing valuables when vehicles are left unattended in order to reduce the likelihood of offences taking place. In a number of cases, vehicles were also left unlocked. We have also had reports of number plates being stolen across Gedling Borough and I would urge you to ensure that number plates are secured with anti-theft screws.

Moving on we have continued the trend of reductions around anti-social behaviour and violence this year. September saw around 44 less reports of anti-social behaviour across Gedling and whilst this reduction is likely linked to the end of the school holidays it’s still pleasing to see that overall anti-social behaviour has reduced this year. In terms of violence we have focused on reducing ‘serious violence’ including knife crime across Gedling Borough this year and I’m pleased that the work seems to be heading in the right direction.

Community policing

In the last month I have attended three community meetings with a partnership meeting in Netherfield, a Neighbourhood Watch meeting in Daybrook and a visit to Calverton Parish Council. I gave some updates around our policing activity across the area and the work we are doing to reduce some of the communities concerns. I also talked about the work that the force is doing to shape the future of Neighbourhood Policing.

Throughout the last few months PCSO Trev Parkinson based at Carlton has been working to improve our ‘Community Road Safety’ scheme. Trev has worked to identify, recruit and train new volunteers. We are now looking at locations to work across the Gedling area and on September 19 a road safety operation was carried out on Spring Lane, Mapperley following feedback from the community. We are aiming to expand this work across Gedling and recruit more volunteers. My thanks to the individuals who have given up their personal time to support this.

Arnold market place

You may have seen the incident in Arnold market place on Sunday evening (September 29 2019).

At around 22:30 hours a vehicle failed to stop for a marked police vehicle before crashing into a communal seating area causing damage. Unfortunately two individuals made off from the vehicle and enquiries are still ongoing to locate them. Officers are now conducting CCTV enquiries in the area and I want to reassure you that as a force we are doing everything that we can to identify and deal with these individuals.

I would ask anyone with any information to contact us quoting incident 888 of 29/9/2019.

Inspector Chris Pearson

Inspector Chris Pearson

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  • Please can we have a Neighbourhood Watch for Woodborough. ?
    Also where are the Neighbourhood Watch close to Woodborough?
    Names, addresses, phone numbers and emails please.

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