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Gedling MP Tom Randall asks Boris Johnson to consider introducing medals to honour brave NHS workers and carers battling coronavirus

by David Bratton

Calls have been made by residents in Gedling borough to introduce medals recognising the bravery of healthcare workers, volunteers and carers fighting coronavirus.

Gedling MP Tom Randall was asked to raise awareness of the calls in the House of Commons by constituent Elizabeth Gull. He asked a question to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the possibility of starting up a scheme during PMQs yesterday.

Mr Randall, who was elected as the constituency MP in December’s General Election, said: “My constituent Elizabeth Gull has proposed the creation of a medal for NHS workers and others to recognise their distinguished service in their work against coronavirus.

PICTURED: The House of Commons hear Gedling MP Tom Randall’s question during PMQs

“I think this idea has merit. Would my right honourable friend consider a medal or another accolade in the fulness of time for those who have gone above and beyond in the last few months?

Mr Johnson replied: “We are indeed looking at the excellent suggestion made by my Right Honourable Friend’s constituent, Elizabeth and we are thinking how to recognise the work of healthcare staff, of carers and many others and we are engaging with staff and employers the the present time.”

Speaking after PMQs, Tom said “I am delighted to hear that the Prime Minster is considering a way in which to recognise the service of our key workers during this extraordinary time.

“I look forward to being involved locally in thanking those across Gedling who have volunteered to help their vulnerable neighbours, carers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, cleaners and porters”.

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Tony May 21, 2020 - 9:10 am

You can’t buy stuff you need with medals, or rounds of applause for that matter.

james william May 21, 2020 - 9:19 am

a bloody medal…for goodness sake, what they need is decent PPE and decent pay. Why not chuck in a tin of Quality Street
too..1 tin between 10 staff , nurses and doctors only of course…cleaners and porters can lick the discarded wrappers..out of touch does not come close

8100 May 28, 2020 - 3:45 pm

Tom Randall also issued a crawling tweet that he hopes Boris will notice, saying that Dominic did no wrong.


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