‘Ignoring democracy’: Gedling Conservatives slam decision to award honour to former MP Vernon Coaker in social media post

 ‘Ignoring democracy’: Gedling Conservatives slam decision to award honour to former MP Vernon Coaker in social media post
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Gedling Conservatives have accused Labour councillors of ‘ignoring democracy’ by handing the borough’s highest honour to former MP Vernon Coaker.

The group posted on social media in reaction to the news that Gedling Borough Council plan to make Mr Coaker an Honorary Freeman of the Borough.

In a post they said: “Gedling’s former MP spent four years ignoring the views of Gedling residents by blocking Brexit.

“Now Gedling Labour councillors want to ignore your vote to remove Coaker at the General Election by rewarding him the highest honour.

“Gedling Labour’s policy is to ignore democracy.”

Vernon Coaker general election
PICTURED: Vernon Coaker

The resolution to hand the honour to Mr Coaker was passed last night at full council meeting held at the Civic Centre in Arnold.

Labour councillor Meredith Lawrence reacted to the post on Twitter and Facebook and also the decision by Conservative members of Gedling Borough Council to approve the decision.

He wrote: “On Tuesday @GedlingTories put this mean-spirited post on their Facebook page. On Wednesday their leader seconded the @Gedling_Labour resolution to make @Vernon_Coaker an Honorary Alderman. The resolution was passed unanimously. What caused the about face?”


Vernon Coaker is to receive the highest honour the borough can bestow in recognition of his years of dedicated service to the area.

He served the borough for 22 years.

A civic ceremony will now be held to present Mr Coaker with the award.

Gedling Eye has contacted the Gedling Conservatives for a comment.



  • Thank god he has gone its about time things got done in the gelding borough council area. Labour are outdated and chsnge is most welcome. Conservatives rule we are all behind you.

  • Coaker was a typical Labour timeserver. Kept his head down, stood for nothing, lacked principle and achieved nothing.

  • Tories are big on democracy, as long as they get their own way and a few quid along the way helps

  • Treacherous treasonous self opinionated betrayer of the electorate. I dont give a rats how long he served for , he got damn well paid for it too, millionaire I would think, yet still betrayed the people he was elected by and who trusted him to carry out their wishes, not his wishes. Look beyond the party colour. Its simply the morals of the man in how he conducted himself in doing what his electors asked for in the most important decision for over 40 years. In the end he was all me,me,me. Traitor. Put the vote to his past constituents and see what they say….and remember.

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