Martin Daubney

Former MEP and Gedling resident Martin Daubney has been left red-faced after appearing live on air as a football expert, discussing the hot topic of taking of the knee prior to international matches.

MailOnline reported today Daubney was invited to talk about Sunday’s night friendly match between the England national team and Romania, before which players took the knee and a chorus of boos rang out around the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough.

England wore their blue away kit for the fixture – which was their final practice match ahead of Euro 2020 – though this appeared to have thrown off Daubney, who went on to make a completely incorrect observation in saying that two Three Lions stars did not take the knee. 

The day after the match Daubney tweeted that he would be appearing on radio to discuss his thoughts about the events, and wrote: ‘Join me on TalkRadio at 10.40am when I will be saying it’s time to end the divisive virtue signalling of taking the knee at football – we must axe it before Euro 2020 or it will majorly kick off.’

He then joined Mike Graham live on TalkRadio and went on to make his incorrect observation.

Daubney said on air: “Interestingly if you look last night at the Riverside Stadium, there were two England fans, two England players I beg your pardon, who didn’t take the knee. 

“I wonder if any of your listeners know who those players are, I’d like to say well done to those lads, they are leading by example.’

Earlier, Daubney had tweeted his same view about two England players supposedly refusing to take the knee, and asked fans if they could help him name them.

As criticism and ridicule quickly poured in his direction, Daubney deleted the tweet yet the damage was already done.

One user quickly saw the opportunity to poke fun at Daubney’s error, responding with the Romanian translation for thank you.

‘When thanking those ‘England’ players for not taking the knee, remember to say mulutmesc.’

Another user comically mistook the identity of Romanian football legends Gheorghe Hagi and Florin Raducioiu on purpose, in order to give Daubney a taste of his own medicine.

He wrote: ‘I’d like to hear the opinions of former England players on this situation like Gheorghe Hagi and Florin Raducioiu.’

Many others simply piled in to question whether the former MEP even knew which match he was watching, or was aware that England do indeed occasionally play in other colours. 

The taking of the knee is set to continue for the England team once Euro 2020 gets under way, after manager Gareth Southgate once again this week voiced his support of the gesture.

‘We weren’t prepared to take a backward step,’ said Southgate. 

‘We feel that would be wrong and would be bowing to pressure from outside and we don’t think that’s appropriate.’



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