Former Gedling MP Vernon Coaker to be made a Lord

 Former Gedling MP Vernon Coaker to be made a Lord

The former MP for Gedling is set to be made a British peer.

Vernon Coaker announced today (December 22) in a tweet that he has been asked to enter the House by Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Mr Coaker said: “I am honoured to be asked by Sir Keir Starmer to become a Peer and enter the House as a Labour Lord.

Mr Coaker said: “Since 2019 I have continued to campaign for the things that matter to me. I am ready to continue the fight for those Labour values that I believe are more important tan ever on a local, national and international level.

“My important new role will give me me the opportunity and platform to stand up for fairness, equality and social justice and play my part in holding the Government to account.

“I will also be working hard to ensure we have that desperately needed Labour Government as soon as possible.

“I will continue with my current local roles helping in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery and with the local Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership.

Labour councillors in the area were quick to congratulate Mr Coaker following his announcement.

Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council Michael Payne tweeted: “Congratulations on your Life Peerage. Utterly deserved! A powerful people’s champion in the House of Lords, a crucial voice in Labour’s renewal and a tireless campaigner for social justice. Genuine, grounded and Gedling to the core.”

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Labour Gedling Borough Councillor for Ernhale Roxanne Ellis wrote: “We will miss you as next MP for Gedling but so pleased for you,”

Mr Coaker was the Labour MP for Gedling for 22 years. He lost his seat in the last election to Conservative MP Tom Randall.

Back in July of this year, he joined the University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab as an Honorary Professor of Modern Slavery Policy, where he had been championing human rights.



  • Just goes to show that you can be a nobody MP, fail to represent the people and achieve nothing yet still be made a Lord by your cronies in the political establishment.

  • He was a remainer should be sent to traitors gate not house of lords

  • A treacherous two faced remainer who persistently defied the will of the people, moreso the majority of his constituents who voted leave. You were there to SERVE your electorate NOT what you thought or wanted. At every turn he either voted against any part of the Brexit plan or abstained when it was obvious the vote would be carried. Yep you stabbed your electorate in the back. And for this you get a peerage? Just another move to get an anti-Brexit vote in the Lords. How do you sleep at night?

  • David, Tom Randall should be a shoo-in then, judging by the number of cronies Boris has just appointed.

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