An aerial insight into progress being made on the new £40m Gedling Access Road (GAR) has been given by Nottinghamshire County Council today.

The latest flyover video from the council shows progress made over March and April on roundabouts, earthworks, drainage and raising ground levels.

Work constructing the four-arm roundabout close to the old Gedling Colliery Yard is now almost complete with kerb laying works now finished and much of the surfacing material laid.

Further north, the five-arm roundabout which will link the GAR to Arnold Lane also nears completion.

Ground levels have been brought up to level meaning that construction teams will soon be able to begin placing down the road construction layers.

At Burton Road, you will see that landscaping works along the verges have begun, and 3.8km up the road utility service diversions and drainage works have continued at the new junction on Mapperley Plains.

Gedling House Woods

The construction site next to Gedling House Woods may look narrow in the video compared to other areas of the site, but the road itself will actually be wider at this section and will feature a crawler lane.

It’s all intentional to preserve as much of the woodland as possible, and most recently on site, construction teams have finished installing 650 soil nails to support the steep slope between the GAR and Gedling House Woods.

The new road, which is part of a £40 million scheme, is set to open in the autumn of 2021.

It is being introduced to ease traffic issues through Gedling village and serve the new Chase Farm housing development.

The 3.8km single carriageway will link the A612 Trent Valley Road and Nottingham Road to Mapperley Plains – running parallel with the A6211 Arnold Lane.



  1. Time to remove the camera on Stoke lane, it was only supposed to be there for 8 months. Take it down and free up traffic else where.

  2. Perhaps save a few million so as you can resurface that length of black stuff called Arnold Lane …but don’t hold your breath. They’ll leave it to deteriorate so bad you’ll WANT to use the GAR. Method in their madness you know.

  3. Waste of cash. Money should have been put into Arnold our capital our London. 40 million nobody visits Gedling they come to Arnold our capital our London

  4. I wish the Gedling Eye would stop peddling this destruction as some kind of good.
    It’s expensive and unnecessary.


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