Drone footage shows progress made on Gedling Access Road during June ahead of planned opening this autumn

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New drone footage reveals the progress of the Gedling Access Road made during June ahead of its scheduled opening this autumn.

Nottinghamshire County Council says the £40 million road features three new roundabouts and 3.8km of asphalt.

Work originally began on the road in January 2020.

The new footage, released by Nottinghamshire County Council, shows how the road is shaping up as construction continues on the huge project.

gedling access road
PICTURED: New footage reveals progress made in June on the Gedling Access Road

The GAR is being created to ease pressure on Arnold Lane – the A6211– between Mapperley Plains and Colwick Loop Road. It is one of the most heavily used roads in the region, carrying over 15,000 vehicles a day.

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Upon completion of the GAR, the new road will become the A6211, and the existing route will be declassified, save for Colwick Loop Road which will be reclassified as a ‘B’ class road.

The GAR is also intended to reduce the speed limit on Arnold Lane and introduce a 7.5t Environmental Weight Limit (EWL) on Burton Road, Shearing Hill and Arnold Lane, by making a Traffic Regulation Order.


  1. A right bloody mess. Ruining our county yet again! They can’t even manage the roads we’ve got, never mind making new ones!!!

  2. I totally agree. This road Lambley lane, has been closed without by or leave, for 18 months. If you work a stones throw away, you’ve had to go two miles out of your way, everyday using more fuel, more time, and the council doesn’t seem to care at all. It was clearly stated, closed until Summer 2021, we are almost into late Summer.
    Every resident has had their lives and daily routine overturned by the Council with no regard to them. Absolutely disgusting!! Acres and acres of of established Wildlife habitat ruined. Heartbreaking! The traffic and hold ups on the stretch between Feeling Lane and Lambley lane have been nothing short of horrific!!
    Disgusting disgusting disgusting. No more to say!

  3. I don’t understand why Arnold Lane wasn’t widened and then a dog leg cut through to the Loop road created using the road to Lambley, it’s would have prevented destroying the park which was on the road to becoming established.
    Further more, I can never understand how they also allowed housing on the old pit site, the firm who originally bought it couldn’t sell the fly ash because it had a very high water content (I read somewhere it was 80%), I wouldnt fancy buying a house on this type of reclaimed land that even has its own methane generation plant!
    I blame the duffers who used to work at GBC Planning department, they must have seen the writing on the wall and all jumped ship, knowing full well they were more or less forced in to embarking on this folly!!!

  4. Disgusting country park my arse it’s an urban park even the wildlife trusted pulled out the gedling urban park cuz of two many buildings they said it wasn’t country park the roads a mess they’ve ruined the pit and our village grr I hate all of it I could go on and say more about the money they have totally wasted putting viewing platform s in when if they put the trees the other side u wouldn’t of needed them ,all of it needs blowing up ,look what the Welsh miners have done with there pit good on them not us destroy everything they can’t look after the roads we got without this new one ruining Our villages


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