The Phoenix
LAST ORDERS: The shutters went up on The Phoenix last year

Plans to demolish a pub building to make way for new apartments in Gedling could go ahead with a decision expected tomorrow (March 31).

Hockley Developments have submitted plans for construction of a three-storey apartment block containing 26 self-contained flats on the site of The former Phoenix pub on Shelford Road.

The plans were received by Gedling Borough Council on Wednesday, September 23.

The Phoenix pub last traded back in 2019 and there was hope it could be reopened if new tenants were found, but owners the Ei Publican Partnership then announced last year that the pub was being put up for sale for potential development.

The application proposals are to demolish the existing buildings on the site and build 26 flats, 11 of which will be two-bedroom and 15 one-bedroom.

Phoenix building
PICTURED: An artist’s impression of the new apartment block that could replace The Phoenix

The building would be three-storey in scale and a total of 21 parking spaces would be provided, along with a bin and cycle store.

Two existing vehicular access points would be removed and replaced with one vehicular access point to Wollaton Avenue.

The proposal states that the new building would be larger and located in a position forward of the Public House to be demolished and would be relatively modern in design, having a flat roof with the top floor recessed from the main lower levels with small balconies at the upper floor.

A consultation has already taken place with concerns raised that the building would be ‘out of character’ with the rest of the area and also the privacy of neighbouring properties.

Planning officers have recommended that plans are approved.

In a document that has been presented to the council committee they wrote: “The design, scale and layout of the built form is considered to be of a good quality design, respect the character of the area and be an enhancement on the existing; nor is considered that residential amenity would be compromised through a dominating or overlooking impact. Furthermore, highway safety would not be compromised and parking provision would be acceptable.”

The decision is expected at a meeting of Gedling Borough Council’s planning committee tomorrow.



  1. capitalist swine’s. They’d bleed any source of culture or joy for the lower/working classes for profit, first the pubs will be turned to flats for students then next the grounds where our schools once stood. During this pandemic all the office buildings have been empty and the workers working from home can clearly adjust to working from home, turn those into housing but they don’t funny that, something which makes rich people buckets of money but causes suffering and strife mentally for workers stays, but things which brings them joy and community gets the axe. Bastards


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