Camera enforcement of Stoke Lane bus plug set to continue

The CCTV camera was installed on Stoke Lane, off Burton Road, back in March 2020

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A camera installed to prevent cars using a bus plug in Gedling is to remain in place.

The CCTV camera was installed on Stoke Lane, off Burton Road, back in March 2020 as a temporary measure during the construction of the Gedling Access Road.

But it will now remain in place after local councillors lobbied Nottinghamshire County Council on behalf of residents to make it a permanent fixture.

Trent Valley Councillors Sam Smith and Mike Adams said: “Stoke Lane residents told us that the enforcement of the Stoke Lane bus-plug, off Burton Road, to prevent rat-running was a priority and we are delighted to have delivered on that.

“We have repeatedly requested camera enforcement of the Stoke Lane bus-plug and we were pleased that this initially began in March 2020. This was a temporary measure to prevent rat-running along Stoke Lane between Burton Road and the Colwick Loop Road during the construction period of the Gedling Access Road.

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“Since the June 2020, penalty charge notices (fines) have been issued by post to vehicles recorded travelling through the restriction. This has resulted in less traffic travelling along Stoke Lane and through the bus-plug.

“Throughout that period and now that Colliery Way (GAR) is open, we have been working with Gedling MP Tom Randall in jointly lobbying Nottinghamshire County Council to keep the enforcement camera in place at the bus-plug. We are pleased to have received confirmation that our campaign has succeeded and the Stoke Lane bus-plug camera will remain in place.

“We hope that this continued enforcement will further prevent rat-running along Stoke Lane. Colliery Way (GAR) will be subject to a significant post-scheme monitoring and the Stoke Lane bus-plug restriction and camera will be included within this process.”


  1. As a payer of road tax, you are taking away my choice of using this PUBLIC road. You are becoming little Hitlers to satisfy your own lust for power by depriving road users of their rights. I hope that this is shown in the next elections and you are ousted.

  2. Even though the new road is now up and running colliery way Arnold lane is a boys racers haven we also need cctv camera to record speeding motorist not the flashing ones saying slow down are are going to fast to see the sign the other night a car was travelling so fast past me the car was on the other side of the road

  3. Well that’s funny as since the new road has been open the Arnold road has been closed off for road works

  4. Well it shouldn’t be called a bus plug camera as hardly any buses use that section of public highway. In fact I’m going to campaign to get a bus terminus set up close to that camera and to do everything in my power to get many more buses through that section to justify a camera. I hope that the buses leave engines running and bus drivers banging on your doors to use the toilet. You lot down there are just selfish little hitlers. Here’s to spending some government funding to massively increasing public transport down the lane.

  5. What a waste of public money. There are plenty of bus only sites where a camera could be better utilised. Shame on you councillors.

  6. can’t undersatnd why you are all so wound up about it. There are two other much more convenient, and faster roads. There is burton road and the new loop road, why do you all want to go down a residential road. Sounds a bit principled to me rather than common sense. I dont feel any need to go through the bus plug, Im quite happy to use the other roads… why aren’t you. or is it a case that you have always done it and dont like change.

  7. I am not local but I would remember this at next local election and vote them out party regardless.Dont leave to someone else!

  8. The Trent Valley councillors are pandering to a few NIMBYs in a desperate attempt to get re-elected. To the County and borough councils. For some of us, Stoke Lane is not a rat run but a direct route from the immediate area around the park and railway bridge to Stoke Bardolph. Before the bus plug was installed I could use this short route to visit friends and family in the village which took a few minutes. Now, I have to either go to the junction with the GAR on the Burton Joyce boundary or negotiate the junction at Netherfield. I support bus lanes and even bus plugs if there were buses but any service down Stoke Lane is not exactly frequent and a bus plug is unnecessary.. The best way to regulate what sort of vehicles use Stoke Lane is to put a weight limit on it.

  9. The things some councillors do to get a couple of votes, however many more votes will be lost over the camera on stoke lane as it disrupts many for the sake of a couple of houses.

  10. Take the damn things out..BOTH OF THEM. Nothing but a total waste of time, pandering to a few nimby’s, . Once again must be a councillor living down there then.

  11. Now the GAR is open there’s no need for a camera or a so called bus plug in the area. Seems like the councillors in the area are being duped or mis informed.


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