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‘A smokescreen’: Gedling councillor for health and wellbeing slams PM’s social care tax rise

He said: 'Social care was in crisis before the pandemic. '

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Gedling’s Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing has attacked the the Government’s Social Care NI Tax Hike, after it was passed by the Commons last night.

Labour Councillor Henry Wheeler said it was ‘a smokescreen for 11 years of Tory neglect and austerity.’

He told Gedling Eye: “The Boris mantra of we all need to chip in to help the government recover the spending costs of the Covid pandemic, is disingenuous. Social care was in crisis before the pandemic.

“The National Insurance Tax hike, is a tax on work and will hit some of the lowest paid workers in society. Including those who provide care.  

“Under these plans care workers will see their wages shrink, you could argue that care workers will literally be paying to carry out the care work. 

“I support Trade Union calls that general taxation should be the way forward to pay for social care. That means taxing the wealthiest, not hiking National Insurance contributions for some of lowest paid workers in society.”

The government won last night’s vote comfortably by 319 votes to 248.

The 1.25 percentage point NICs increase – dubbed the “health and social care levy” – was approved despite criticism the prime minister was breaking a key manifesto pledge not to raise taxes.

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Gedling MP Tom Randall and Mark Spencer backed the tax raid while Labour’s Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome voted against the plan.

Do you agree with the latest tax hike? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. The government keep everyone’s head above water during the pandemic,where do you think the money came from and more to the point where is the money coming from to put it back? No he hasn’t got a money tree or printing press nor did he know there was going to be a world wide pandemic when he made the pledge not to raise taxes in his manifesto. The pensioners are the only ones losing out and a lot of us still pay tax because we saved and done without to give us a decent retirement. Stop belly aching and get on with you life your great grandparents had it a lot harder than you. Just be thankful labour are not in ,they have bankrupt the country twice.

    • Alice, I think you’ll find they do have a printing press they just call it quantative easing and they use it regulary to prop up financial markets by creating money out of thin air to buy bonds issued by large institutions who then use that money to buy back their own shares, making the shareholders richer. I suggest you do some research before claiming the conservatives financially literate and labour illiterate. Money is nothing but a promise and is created out of thin air on a regular basis. Why do you think we have interest rates? It is to recoup some of the money created out of thin air to make sure the supply of money doesn’t grow too fast and inflation spiral out of control. So please, at least learn to understand the basics of what money is and perhaps you will understand how unfairly the systems we have in place are used today.

  2. I agree more money is needed, but income tax would have been a fairer way to raise the money. This policy is also linked to the cap on care contributions, but the cap is £86000, and is only the care element. You still have to pay the costs of your accommodation if you go into a care home. For most people I know, the level of the cap, and accommodation costs would still require them to sell the family home. The policy seems to be good to grab headlines, but the details not so great for normal working people.


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