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£250k Gedling Station restoration funding bid ‘rejected’ by Heritage Lottery Fund

The National Lottery Heritage Fund for England, Midlands and East have announced that the application by the charity has been rejected.


A project to restore an historic Victorian train station in Gedling to its former glory has been dealt a major blow after its bid for £250k of heritage lottery money was rejected.

A grant application to support Gedling Youth and Community Hub with their work in restoring the building on Shearing Hill has been rejected by The National Lottery Heritage Fund for England, Midlands and East, according to their website.

The announcement gives no indication as to why the grant application was rejected.

The Gedling Youth & Community charity (Charity number: 522200) manages the station project that submitted the application. It’s chairman is Francis Rodrigues.

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The project is described on the National Lottery Grants for Heritage website as ‘To restore a disused Victorian train station in Gedling, whilst providing a range of training in heritage and conservation skills to local communities.’

The charity wanted to breathe life into the old station building by transforming it into a community hub. They also planned to generate revenue for the charity by creating commercial office space within the property.

To help pay for the project, the charity hoped to secure £250,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A spokesman from the National Lottery Heritage Fund said: “We can confirm that Transforming Gedling Old Station has been rejected. We know this is very disappointing news. There is a high level of competition for grants at every stage of the grant application process and unfortunately, we are unable to support all the applications we receive.”

The decisions by the National Lottery Heritage Grant funders are made on a monthly basis at Area/National delegated decision meetings for applications up to £250,000. These meetings are managed and chaired by Heads of Investment.

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The Gedling Youth and Community Hub also applied for a £75,000 grant from Gedling Borough Council’s local Community Infrastructure Levy – although the result of that bid hasn’t been announced yet.

The charity had a declared income to the charity commission of £22,347 in year ending March 31, 2022 of which £18,463 was in the form of government grants.

Further information for the Gedling Youth & Community hub including contact details can be found on

The National Lottery Heritage Grant decision can be seen HERE.

Gedling Eye contacted the charity for comment.

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It is not known if the charity can appeal the decision.

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  1. This article is misleading in the extreme, based on an inappropriate interpretation of minimal facts that have not subsequently been verified appropriately; I have emailed Justin Doddy at Gedling Eye to ask for this article to be retracted and an apology published whilst we obtain a legal opinion. Please do not believe everything you read.

    • But does say ‘reject’ on the site in the link Andy Owens. Just looked. So who is being misleading? You? Gedling Eye or Lottery? I’m confused!!!

      • I’m on the group liaising with NLHF; the website status is an internal status, that has been misinterpreted by Gedling Eye, without actually verifying the context. They gave one of us 4 hourds to respond to an email – neadless to say, as a volunteer, he didnt pick up the email until today. If Gedling Eye had an understanding of the NLHF processes, or checked with us and waited for a response, they might have followed good journalistic practice. I have seen the email from NLHF that explains the status and our next steps – they are just seeking clarification, which we are in the process of documenting – but as volunteers its not the only thing in our lives (I just got back from marshalling at Formula E in London to read all this nonsense, and now I’m spending my day responding to all the reaction thsi misleading article has caused. For the absolute avoidance of doubt, the NLHF status is for them and applicants and backed up by detailed correspndence, the Gedling Eye article is misleading, and I am relaying more facts than either.

  2. Probably it’s because they want £250000. You could rebuild the place for that. Where are they getting the quotes from clearly there only getting 1 quote otherwise they would be more competitive.

    • Absolutely, inflated quote or just lack of a proper business case and demand for what people actually want, not sure how construction lorries will access it anyway!


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