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Gedling and Netherfield artists organise exhibition at city gallery to benefit local charity

Half of the money raised will go to Nottinghamshire Hospice

Two residents from Netherfield and Gedling have organised an exhibition in Nottingham city centre and are offering to donate half of any earnings from sales of their work on display to a Mapperley charity.

Netherfield resident Dominick Cuming and Dave Ross, who lives in Gedling, have organised the exhibition of their work at Nottingham Society of Artists, which is based on Friar Lane in the city.

The artists plan to donate half of what they earn from the sale of their paintings to Nottinghamshire Hospice.

PICTURED: Dominick Cuming’s pictures of houses on Bailey Street in Netherfield

On display at the exhibition, which runs from August 3-11, are a series of abstracts painted by Mr Ross.

Mr Cuming said he likes to paint what he sees around him.

He told Gedling Eye: “Most of my work is about where I live, so there’s an image of the backs of Bailey Street, another of the view up to Bakersfield and images from my garden, a cherry tree, a pile of bricks, virginia creeper. 

“I like chimney pots. There are 39 of them visible from my garden. I’ve started on a project to paint them all at different times of the day and there’s the first painting of the series in the exhibition.”

He added: “What makes our present venture significant is that artists are giving away half of what they are given for their works; a scheme which I am fostering. This is the second go. The first, in just six hours raised over £600 for charity. It makes our idle dabblings worth doing! 

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