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Monday, November 29, 2021

Gedling MP Tom Randall calls for fourth Trent crossing at Colwick during meeting with Transport Minister Baroness Vere


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Gedling MP Tom Randall has called for funding for a fourth Trent crossing to be built at Colwick in a bid to reduce traffic and boost business in the borough.

Mr Randall said he discussed the possibility of the crossing this afternoon (February 26) with Transport Minister Baroness Vere during an online meeting.

Mr Randall said: “We discussed the possibility of a fourth crossing across the River Trent.

“I’ve long believed that a fourth Trent crossing is overdue and that Colwick would be a good place for such a crossing: it would help to reduce traffic along the A612 throughout Burton Joyce, Colwick, Stoke Bardolph and Netherfield and could be linked up with the new Gedling Access Road.

“It would also connect Gedling to the A46 corridor and provide better links to our businesses and create more local jobs, particularly if the East Midlands Freeport is approved.

“I will continue to lobby Government, Nottinghamshire County Council and Midlands Connect for funding towards this project.”

The Gedling MP has made a case for a bridge before during a debate about an extra crossing which was triggered by last year’s closure of the A52 Eastbound.

His views were shared by Gedling Borough Council leader John Clarke who wanted a road, pedestrian and tram bridge to go at the back of Colwick Industrial Estate.

The leader of the county council, Kay Cutts, who represents Radcliffe-on-Trent where one side of a Colwick bridge would be didn’t want a bridge.

She said it would be ‘unacceptable to residents.’

Do you think we should have a fourth crossing in Colwick? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. This would have all the advantages for Gedilng that are mentioned in this article. This project has been high on the agenda of Labour run Gedling Borough Council since 2011 when they took control. It is pleasing to hear Conservative Tom Randall MP backing the Council.
    In addition, it would also remove traffic from Gunthorpe Bridge, Lady Bay Bridge and Trent Bridge.

    • while ever the county council keep building half roads where its 2lanes for 25 metres into 1 lane for 12 km till next traffic light which i guaratee will be red. try A38/sherwood way in ashfield/ mansfield as an example of standing traffic ,also a proper bypass with a dual carriageway bassingfield to grantham/boston/skegness these have been muted for 50 years and you want a bridge try for in another 50 years and no queue jumping please.

  2. It’s a no brainer, having to drive into town to get across the river increases traffic, pollution, and costs for businesses and the public. Of course the other option is go to Gunthorpe bridge which is a choking point for traffic and susceptible to flooding.
    The Clifton bridge issue brought a whole city to a standstill which is ridiculous , on top of that Trent Bridge has restrictions adding to congestion also and people lobbying to make it pedestrianised/single lane one way.
    The project can be done in such a way to limit the impact on Radcliffe, the rail bridge already go there, run in parallel, sometimes progress has to come first. It’s not like they wouldn’t get a payoff if directly affected.

  3. I think the money should be spent on Arnold. The jewel in Gedling’s crown. This won’t benefit Arnold. The town is our capital. It’s where all the big businesses are. Spend this money there.

    • You sprout utter nonsense. I Arnold is hardly a jewel (and I live here). The bridge would benefit arnold as people who live here would have another route to cross the trent rather then having to drive out to gunthorpe or in to town. You are quite shortsighted in the fact of that the benefit to the wider area will only help improve Arnold and the employment prospects of a lot of its residents.

  4. The area is desperate for another bridge crossing the River Trent, but has always been opposed by Rushcliffe. Given the new properties being built in the Colwick and Netherfield areas and the new retail park, another bridge is essential for the increase in traffic serving this area. The build up of traffic at Lady Bay and Gunthorpe bridges causes traffic delays and bottle necks. Another bridge at Colwick would be ideal and tie in effectively with the new access road.

  5. I said over 35 years ago folk should invest in amphibious vehicles, then they could + the trent anywhere. No need for a forth road bridge like Scotland .

  6. Any normal person would see that It makes so much sense to take the bottle neck of traffic away from Trent Bridge Lady Bay Bridge and surrounding areas. Why don’t the councils be democratic on this and have a people’s vote to decide what the want ?!!

  7. The road transport infrastructure of Nottingham and surrounding areas has to be the biggest embarrassment for all councillors and MP’s in the area ! I live in Edwalton having moved here some 17 yrs ago it’s incredulous that between Ladybay and gunthorpe not one bridge spans the Trent , squabbling self centred councillors would rather see the city strangled with congestion than plan for the cities growth ! Kay cutts should be ashamed of herself

  8. The only thing in my opinion that he as done, and should be done. Tom blocks people who disagree with him on Twitter and Facebook not abuse just say something different. He will live to regret this come election time as I will not be voting for him again

    • That’s not true uncle Tom always does whatever Boris tells him.
      But yes Tom just blocks anyone he doesn’t agree with, what a great MP.
      Looks like Postman Pat though.

  9. Well I suppose if Kay Cutts and her Radcliffe on Trent friends don’t want the bridge, then I guess we’ll all have to keep adding to the pollution and congestion by crossing the Trent via Gunthorpe Lady Bay or Trent bridge. I’ll just keep my mile munching, pot hole absorbing diesel Yeti to visit my family in Radcliffe on Trent and further afield. Would be lovely to get on a tram, cycle or even walk it if there was a fourth bridge to go visit the close family. But there again, the Council don’t seem too bothered about a tram service to link Netherfield , Gedling, Gedling Country Park and Arnold into the tram network either. Nottingham is just becoming a run down embarrassment compared to other cities that seem to be progressing forward. And unless you fall into the City Boundary, you might as well not class yourself as Nottingham. You don’t get any perks or discounts like the people in the boundary even though you have an NG post code.

  10. Maybe good for Vehicles & Business. Not so good for the Environment.
    Which part of the Green Belt in Rushcliffe is being sacrificed? Look at a map.

    Theres a train line/ bridge already (next to the Netherfield gravel pits/ wildlife reserve). Put freight on that.
    What about extending the Tram lines to Gedling?
    Reduce current traffic on roads, no need for a new bridge.
    Judging by the 15 years it took to start the new road from Mapperly to Gedling… this might take a while.

  11. This bridge will never be built – its been talked about for 30 years. While there are councillors like Kay Cutts about there will never be progress with our roads. The tram system is a joke costing the tax payers millions per year and not a viable option of transport for people who don’t work in the city. This 4th bridge is about the environment too, by unblocking the over used bridges at Gunthorpe, Ladybay and Trent, it will reduce congestion and pollution

  12. What a potty idea. Travel levels are dangeroisly high in Gedling and the last thing we need is a bridge to bring even moree traffic to the area. The cost – probably more than the entire NET tram did to build

    Theer is a perfectly good and underused Railway bridge across teh Trent near here.

  13. Thought I would post it again without the tripeing errors! Sorry about that!

    What a potty idea. Traffic levels are dangeroisly high in Gedling and the last thing we need is a bridge to bring even more road traffic to the area. The cost – probably more than the entire NET tram did to build.

    There is a perfectly good and underused Railway bridge across the Trent near here.


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